Friday, October 2, 2009

Where in the world is Jennifer Morey?

Sung to the tune of Carmen San Diego of course.

As per anonymous' request and the fact that I kind of forgot I had a blog, I'm blogging. While I have the chance that is. I'm about to camp for a stint. Detach from the grind a bit... Ah yes. I can see it now. No phones, no Internet, no showers. Ok that last part is not the best, but you get used to it when you "get back to nature".

I'm currently in California about to make my way into the forest. I drove basically from one coast the the next with my two pals Kari and Adam over the last 4 days. Along the way I whipped out my bells and rocked out some swings, presses, snatches and windmills in various states. I'll be on it out in the woods. Oh yes.

Thanks to Big W, my goals include ROP pressing ladders, snatching, pistols, get-ups and some rolling patterns in there. You can bet I'll be Brettzling indeed! I just did a few a couple minutes ago actually. Sitting in a car for 4 days will make you want to Brettzle, for sure.

Here is something really depressing I must share. There is a chance I may not be in attendance at the Philly RKC. I had this Cali trip planned before this cert was announced. Now I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it back for the epic weekend. It's basically a sin that I may not be representing with the 6 or 7 other Dragon Gym-ers who are going to this event. It is literally next door to the birthplace of my kettlebell life. I first touched a bell in Downingtown, PA. Just happens to be about 5 minutes from the site of the first ever East coast cert. They are close, check on a map if you are curious. Horrible if I miss. But you can't always get what you want. I don't always get my cake and eat it too. But I sure try. There is still a chance I can make it, but I won't know till last minute. Come on Universe! Hook me up! You can doooooooo it!

Regardless of whether I am physically present or not, I'll be there. Good luck everyone, especially Diana. You are going to ROCK it. No doubt.

So, I know I never posted about my time in the UK. (I don't think) Sorry. Prob not going to here either.

I will say that I love to travel and I'm going to keep doing it. Looks like Europe in the new year. What do you think? No husband, kids or house. Sounds like a good time to travel eh? Yes.

PS. I am giving my furry orange tabby cat Pickle up for adoption. I am neglecting her with all this travel and she deserves better. Please take My Little Pickle.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm a badass gyspy lately

(Thanks to Taylor for motivating me to blog again. I've been a slacker in many areas lately.)

So more like just a gypsy. I traveled to Colorado with no plans on where I was going to lay my head for 6 nights. It worked out fabulously. What was not fabulous was that I got no physical activity in other than hiking around Red Rocks amphitheater. I was ready to go to yoga, do some rock climbing and maybe visit my old gym. Nope! None of the above. Sucked. Now I've been home since Tuesday and I've trained twice. Ridiculous. Weds I'm leaving for England!!! But again, not conducive to training. Everything in cycles...everything in cycles...

So check this out: MTB trans UK. That's the site of the mountain biking event I'll be massaging at. My old roommate/classmate Humphrey from BCMT has a side business (MTB Works) with another chap and invited me over to help! What massage therapist wouldn't want to massage mountain bikers in the hills of Wales for a week?

Oh, just in the slightest case that you do not already know....THE RKC IS COMING HERE!!! You better grab your bells by the horns or else!!!

That's all for now folks. I must get some sleep. I have a busy life coming up.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a day!

We started the day with a little cleaning up of Apartment A in Ardmore. A little granola with dates and a cup o' joe.
Biked to my weekly Tuesday session with Uncle Ernie. Workin' towards the pull up. Half-ups with 16, 20 and 24. Presses with 20 and 24. Hollowed pull ups with assistance. Biked to the library. Biked home.
Enjoyed a home blended protein smoothie. Mmmmmm.
Off to the park to enjoy the sun and some books. Finished Autobiography of a Yogi today. Good stuff. Though while enraptured I disregarded the fact that I didn't put any sunscreen on and was lounging in a bathing suit. Needless to say my rump is rouge.
Homeward bound.
Enjoyed a little lounging around. Don't get to do that as often as I would like.
Snack of baby carrots and then some asparagus in EVOO and sea salt.
Off to teach class. Swings, get-ups, more swings and a few snatches. Couple planks in there too.
DL: 225x2 for 3 sets. My goal is 340 by the TSC in Sept. Think I can do it? I do. B-)
Homeward bound. Only to get my headphones and MP3. Then off to Haverford HS track.
Modified (wo)man-maker: 20 20kg SN L/R, 400 barefoot meters, 25 20kg one arm swing L/R, 400 barefoot meters, 15 20 kg SN L/R, 400 barefoot meters, 25 20kg one arm swing L/R, 400 barefoot meters.
Walked approx 100 yards into the venue with the 20 racked on the right. Walked back to the Exploder racked on the L.
Homeward bound.
Two overflowing veggie burritos and some cherries for dessert.
Sipping on a cup of Trader Joe's Mint Melange before bed.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Benefit recap

Short but sweet:


In the short time to prepare Brian Petty RKC and soon to be Diana Volante RKC put on a heck of a show.
10 RKCs. About 30 participants in class.
A pile of stuff to send the boys and girls over in Afgan.
Tons of loot donated.

We done good.

It was exciting! That was the largest group I've taught!

I'd post pics but my camera battery died about 20 minutes in to the day:( Someone's gonna send me some video and pics any day now. Can't wait to see them.

Also can't wait for October. The first east coast cert is in my freakin back yard!!!

See you all soon!!!!!!!!
Rock on.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Snatchtastic Thursday

That's right. Snatchtastic! Success on the Dragon Gym mat/floors indeed. Everyone in class was snatching like pros by the end of class. There was some struggle as there always is, but we all did it. Some, leaps and bounds more than others. Mom Morey for example snatched a 12kg the entire class! Diana rocked a 16kg for the first time!

We started with deadlifts, moved to swings, then cleans, pressed a few times, and finally. THE SNATCH. DL for patterning, swings for hard style lock out, (how many times did I say the words knees and butt?) the clean for the distance of the bell in front of the body as well as the elbow leading the snatch negative, the press for the lock out and BAM! Great job everyone.

After class I revisited the platform. I've neglected to DL with a barbell for a few days now. I pulled 225 easy. Then thought, what the hell? Why not throw on a couple 25s? It happened alright. First time ever I pulled 275!!! With no warm-up but one pull of 225. Prob not the best idea, but too late now.

I'm gonna do the TSC indeed. Gots to get my pull-ups on. I started tackling them today. W2's got a TAPS bar. I couldn't do one appropriately on my own. Stay tuned. That will change no doubt:)

See you all at the KB Benefit for the Marines tomorrow! Come by, it'll be fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What up?

Here's what's been up with me:
My KB sensei has been out of town for a bit, so I decided to up my intake of Bikram's gift to the world. Made it easier to get my money's worth on the unlimited intro week for $20. So, backed off the bells, which is always good to do once in a while ya know?

Never been to a first friday, but heard about 'em a bunch. This fabulous woman just started workin' at the spa with me. She invited me. Good times indeed. It was she that also helped to make dining on the scrumptous African food a reality as well. Thanks Valerie. You rule. Oh, that same evening included a tarot reading by Val's friend, Deborah. She rules as well.

The 4th took me to the Eckerts'. They have been throwing down annually for the celebratory day of independence for the last 8? years or so. F yeah!

So the lack of 'belling still kinda got to me. I decided to try a 5 minute snatch test for the fun of it. Haven't been snatching lately either. I figure, what the hell. 5 minutes switch every 25: 165. I'm not really sure where that is in the world of results. Oh, 12kg btw. That's what the ladies use in the TSC right? Well, novice division. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna do the TSC this Sept. Pull-up training starts for seriousness this Friday.

I'm now wondering what my role will be in the KB Benefit for the Marines this Saturday at one of my 3 places of employment: The Dragon Gym. It's in Exton. You goin? You should. Then go to the Twilight Criterium bike race in West Chester. I'll be giving chair massage at the Paoli Chiropractic Group table. (another employer)

K. Tis late. Must sleep before I head to my third place of employment tom morn. (Ame Spa) Then teachin' my class. Everyone's been doing fabulously lately. Really well. Brendan and Charlie have been rockin' it. It's nice to have some guys in class for once. No offense ladies:) You still rule the school.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boy I Tell Ya

Body movement, learning and relearning how to move the body is never going to end. At least that's what it seems like. I just attended the workshop Sandy Sommer RKC put together that Doc Cheng led. It was AWESOME. I am in no way one to say that I am a master at any of the kettlebell moves. Some may argue differently, but really, I pretty much tweaked every single aspect of every single thing I do with a kettlebell in one day. The first 4 hours of the workshop we were working on squat patterning. Definitely one of the most, if not THE most important aspect to get down before progressing with weight. That's right. Before weight. We really didn't touch a bell that much. Why not learn to move your body first before you add resistance? Yeah, sounds like a good idea.

So four hours eh? Yeah. 4. It was not boring. Not in the slightest. I relearned how to engage my body properly with first the 3 pries and then the remaining aspects of the hard style lock. Throw in the bretzle (thanks to Gray Cook), and there was indeed some tweaking there as well, and you've got yourself a rock solid linked body ready to move (hopefully). I know the soreness I am feeling today is from this portion, and again, we were not using bells for most of this.... RECRUIT FOLKS! Muscles that is...and watch how much work you can accomplish.

Another gem of info was the idea of the core as a can. It has a top and a bottom. We all have a diaphragm and a pelvic floor. Do you use them? Do you know what crocodile breathing is? Well, I do now.

Next was the get-up. A large time was devoted to this as well. And rightfully so. It is an amazing movement. Stability, mobility and a part of almost every one of the 7 tests in the FMS screen (if not all of them). Doc's version is the RKC standard. How lucky we all were to get his first hand instruction.

Later we worked, tweaked and rocked out on the swing, clean, pistol, bent press and the jerk!!! F yeah!

As a bodyworker and a graduate of a Kinesiology program I have a fair background in the body and it's workings. I also attended the RKC and CK-FMS. These two, after competing in power lifting, oly lifting and kettlebell sport. You would think that I have a pretty good grasp on things. Well, I do, but there is always more. And more and more and more.

Thank you Doc. I learned so much valuable information.

This weekend is the RKC II. I was originally planning on attending. I'm on the boat for next year. One of the crispiest noodles I know, Willy Will SR RKC will be there. I'll still get to reap the benefits when he returns to train little ol Jen.


Check out some pics

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yeah that's right.

All kettlebells, all the time. Almost. Maybe a little yoga. Some biking. Running. Yes, I said running. I am not really a fan. Or should I say I am becoming one? Doing woman-makers and running on the track has not been too shabby lately. A few times I also could be seen trail running in Valley Forge National Park. These days there has been mention from multiple fellow KB enthusiasts of a certain book entitled Born To Run. In it, there is documentation of people who run barefoot. I've known for a while now that these shoes with the crazy air pockets and cushions and such are NOT good for you. Running, walking, skipping whathaveyou. Don't forget frolicking. The Vibram 5 fingers or whatever they are are on the right track. Check out Olympic runners' shoes. They are flat as heck. What's this tell you? That our bodies were made to be able to run without implements. The closes you can get to natural movement, the better.

SO! That being said, when I ran barefoot on West Chester University's track a wee bit back, it was a good thing! Good thing it felt good too. That actually got me liking running some. The shoes I ran in thereafter are rather flat soled Pumas. You all know those peeps don't put too much razzle dazzle in the pads of their shoes. Go me!

Yeah, it was Gray Cook last night in the Kettlebell Secrets interview that was mentioned the book. And just last week Big Willy got his hands on a copy. Perhaps it may be worth taking a gander. And perhaps it may be worth running barefoot more often! Like Gray was saying, we are getting to be more like Tarzan. He rules. He didn't wear shoes! He didn't even wear clothes! Almost. I would be fine with him swinging naked through the trees...

So, I'm still training. This is a good thing. Although, as I mentioned before, I'm slacking on VO2. I haven't abandoned it completely but......
I've been dabbling in double 16kg work this week. Reminds me of way back when, when I jerked 2 16s 90 times at my first KB meet. 2005 'twas. Ah yes. Right now my forearms are feelin' it. Taught both classes last night. Did a bunch of bottoms up cleans and a few BU presses. (it was sweet to hear Gray talkin' up bottoms up C&Ps in his interview after my class) Ended the second class with last (wo)man standing swings. Diana rocked out 200 no prob. Taylor beat her record of 100 straight by adding 65 more and I came in with a cool 150 with a 24kg. Just finished up my workout for today. Double your pleasure, double your fun.....came home and did 3 body weight pistols on each side. Can't lose my pistol again. I'll be the opposite of OK with that.

Now I'm enjoying the fruits of labor that my blender has been providing me. Indeed, it was missing for a wee bit. But alas, the contraption has granted me quite marvelous post workout smoothies consisting of a mixture of any of the following fresh organic candies of nature: pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and/or bananas. Couple that with some crushed ice, H2O, flax oil, psyllium and a couple scoops of muscle milk and YUUUUUUUUUM. Seriously good. Oh, the one day I did vanilla MM with peanut butter, a banana and some choco shavings. HOLY BALLS!

Looking forward to this Sunday. Going to Doc Cheng's workshop in his previous home state of Delaware. Should be a good time.

Hey, if anyone has a record player they don't use, would you pass it along to me??? I acquired a smashing stack of old dusty, super-sweet vinyl. I NEED a record player. BADLY. One of the records is electronic music from the 60s!!! Can you believe that crap? Who knew people were doing such things then. The time of peace and flowers and psychedelics. Oh, wait....

I'd rather be called the Acquirer than the Accumulator. Accumulator sounds cooler but it has this connotation of a bunch of crap. I've been acquiring many useful things. Mostly all from clients of various jobs. Reclining chair, tv, dvd/vcr player, kitchen items, coffee maker, cool square lamps, a sweet spiral ring, a wind chime, music, IKEA table, tv stand, office chair. The list goes on. Thanks everyone!

I know I said expect pictures...I've been busy/lazy. Here's one from when Dave Whitley was in town. My two favorite Big W's. Enjoy. Ahhhahahahahahaahahaaaaa.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well well well.

Fancy seeing you here. My internet connection that is. I am now located in MY living room. Just happens to be in MY apartment. Good stuff.

Man, how long has it been? A while indeed. Let's review. I'm not going all the way back. Just a few days. Some highlights:

Sunday June 7th: Bikram Yoga, PHISH live at Camden.
Monday June 8th: 40 sets VO2 12kg. Been slacking on VO2 BIG time.
Tuesday June 9th: Taught 2 KB classes. New students every class for almost the last 4 weeks!!!
Wednesday June 10th: Trained my prodigy Taylor. She says I'm very influential. Maybe I should be more mindful;) Just kidding. Sort of.
Thursday June 11th: Gave an awesome healing session to one very Earthy Earth Child at the spa. Sometimes I forget that I'm a healer. It's nice to be reminded.
Friday June 12th: Sat around all day waiting for Verizon to come to my house and hook up my internet that should have been working on the 2nd. Never came. Cleaned instead.
Saturday June 13th: Received a letter from the IRS. Apparently I didn't file my taxes in 2007. Ooops. Good thing I still have my w2s. Stupid government.
Sunday June 14th: Early Dad's day celebration. Bike ride and burger in Jim Thorpe, Pa. Cool spot. You should go. Practiced my bass for the first time in a couple months. Felt good.
Monday June 15th: 10, I say TEN massages at Paoli Chiropractic. Perhaps I'm doing a good job? They weren't all hour sessions btw.

Some other random things: Watched Tupac: Resurrection. Reading Autobiography of a Yogi. Bought Siddhartha. Made dinner from a Rachel Ray recipe. Plan to spray paint my bells purple. Kissed someone!!! Smoked a cigarette!!! Which of those last two am I lying about? Or am I lying about both? Or am I lying about neither?

Seriously though,
Please take the time and make an effort for the following:

Don't worry, I'll remind you:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where have you been?

I've been right here all along! But thanks for your concern. See the thing is, I haven't had internet access at mi casa. It's on the way. Soon, my friends, soon. You will once again be able to read about the adventures of a certain badass.

Synopsis of activity from the last few weeks:
More massages.
More kettlebell students.
Bikram. First time in a WHILE.
Deadlifting: Tuesday was the first time in over 3 years I pulled the bar.
Then again today:
Felt AWESOME. I used to lift heavy a lot. Turns out I missed it. I may just have to participate in the tactical strength challenge in September. No problem with DLs and SN. It's the pull-ups that will be an issue. I've got time.

What I do need to do is get FMS certified. Ooops.

I'm going to see some live music tonight in my new town of dwelling. Must go get spiffy. Little sticky after massages and kettlebells.

Oh, just finished the 3rd season of LOST. Rediculous. That's all I have to say. No actually, ironic is another thing I'd like to say. What do mixed tapes mean to you?

I shall return.
Expect pictures!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Where have you been? I've been right here! Although, no internet access. And of course I received an email from a potential KB client as well as a potential bodywork client. Go figure. Now it looks like I'm a slacker because I haven't checked my email in like 4 days. Sorry everyone!!!

All in all, life is good. Do you agree? Are you alive? Are you breathing? Can you see, hear, touch, taste and feel? Then things are good indeed! It is a good idea to recognize how lucky you are if you have all of these things on a daily basis. Keep yourself in check, yeah?

If you have all of these things and would like to enhance them, even better! Do some reading. Write something. Make something. Exercise. Get some bodywork. Be awesome. What else is the point? Why just be? Why not be more?

There are definitely times where I don't feel like doing anything. Why should I exercise today? There are also times when I don't feel like eating right. Why wasn't it a good idea that I ate Rita's last night? Really, it's not a big deal that I did. But, sometimes one thing leads to another and 18 pounds of sugar later I am really regretting my decisions. In terms of physical activity, it's easier to stick with. You feel good after exercise. Well, you should. I do. I do not, however, feel good after eating crap. Yes, it may taste good. But then BAM! My stomach is like WTF? Why did you do that? And he talks to my GI and says, look at what she did! Let's get her!!!

I will tell you that I would much rather train with someone. It's been quite boring training by myself lately. Especially doing the Viking Conditioning. I took a stab at the D-Day workout last Weds. Went well. Not sure what that is? 25 snatch L/R then 400m or 1 lap around a track. Do that 3 more times and there you have it. 200 snatches and 1 mile. I'm thinkin' I may do another today. Although, I really should do another VO2 session. Last week I slacked and did only 2. 40 sets and 50 sets. LAME!!! I should be in the 60/70 range holding strong. Oh well. Life happens.

I'm gonna go work out right now as a matter of fact! Maybe a little heavy single leg deadlifts and then some VO2? Sounds good. Perhaps in the other order, not sure yet.

Do something stimulating to your being today! K? K. Good. See ya.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


How's it goin? I'm doing fabulously, thanks. I'm almost completely moved into my new apartment. Although, I still have to recruit someone to help me move one last piece of furniture. I've been driving around with my tall dresser in the Explorer (which will be mine in 4 easy payments of $500 thanks to my bro Josh) for about 4 days now. SOMEONE HELP! I've been really close to having a couple people help me. Darnit. Soon, I will be able to start really decorating. I've been busy shopping for this that and the other thing. Have I ever mentioned I love shopping? I'm quite the frugal shopper as well.

So, I've been slacking again on my VO2. Only got 2 sessions in last week of 40 sets each. It's my own fault. I show up to the gym before class to do my sets and don't give myself enough time. Then I use the excuse of the apartment.....Although I did workout in the alley on Tuesday night in the dark. Just 50 sets. Should be at least 60. It's all good. I haven't given up.

Had 2 new ladies sign up for KBs at the Dragon Gym!!! WOO HOOOOO. They are doing rather fabulously as well. As are my Moms and her best friend Nancy. I wish I could show my clients other people that have taken significantly longer to pick up the skills they have to further motivate them. They think I'm ruffling their feathers sometimes. In reality they are ROCKING IT! Taylor is still rocking it too. She just got her gymboss in the mail yesterday. How exciting indeed!

Tonight will be yet another trip to the art museum steps. All are welcome. Sizes, shapes, skill level, flavors. You know:) Last time we made a post workout trip to the Rusty Nail for some brews with the crew. I happen to now live about 3 blocks from there. Maybe we will repeat?

Until next time. Come visit. Should I have a house(apartment) warming party? Yeah

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greetings from Ardmore!

I'm now in my new apartment. Actually, I am at the library, but I live all by my lonesome! Unfortunately I do not have internet access at my home so I will perhaps be responding to email as well as posting less often.

See you all soon.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I found an apartment!!!

I am going to be living by my lonesome as of this weekend!!!! F YEAH!!! Actually I will be living with my fat furry little Pickle. She's an orange tabby cat. She rules. I haven't lived with her since July!! What a horrible parent I am. Soon Pickle, soon.

Please come over and visit. I love having guests. Especially if you are hot. Being tall, funny, smart, strong and a lover of music also lend to my enjoying your company.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's talk about today

Today was a good day. I woke up naturally to find it to be an hour before the Bikram class I wanted to partake. Perfect time to wake up a little and embark. I tell ya though, there were some mornings I awoke at 5am and dressed myself and rolled on over for the 5:30am class. That's another thing entirely.
So, Bikram has been very interesting. There is a new teacher. Her name is Sarah. She just moved back to the area from Boulder, CO! Sound familiar? Right. Well, she's great. The only slightly negative thing is her lack of time management. This was only an issue one day for me because I had somewhere to go after class. Otherwise, I don't mind she goes over.
Anyhoo, she made a really great point today. The first few classes she mentioned how she thought to herself, "this is easy!" The next thing she said was "I realized I wasn't doing anything" This is rather true. The first two classes I remember thinking the same thing. I made it through alright. I chalked it up to being athletic. But in reality I was not aware of how off I was through some of the postures.
So now that I know what I am supposed to do it's a whole new ball game. The combination of knowing what you should be aiming for and knowing what you did last class puts this other layer into the practice. It's difficult to go backwards in some postures from class to class. Mentally difficult that is. I am very competitive. Especially with myself. It's been a journey and a half accepting things in class. Accepting things off the mat as well. It's great when the activities that I invest my time in transfer to everyday life. I mean in a beneficial way. Turns out, almost everything I do has some positive carry over. What a fabulous thing to realize!
Yoga. Do it. It's good.
One thing that rules. I can actually do the locust pose (salabhasana) now. Crazy how much it hurt me elbows the first dozen or so classes. "lock your knees, lock your knees, lock your knees and change"

The rest of my day included a fabulous shower, some pampering, music downloading, a walk to check out an apartment I'm looking at tomorrow, some guy pulling over and telling me I'm adorable (uber flattering), cup of coffee, paid some bills, succulent dinner, bike ride, rediscovering the best tortilla chips ever at Whole Foods and voila. Bloggity blog blog.

Been keeping up with my VO2. Especially after reading Kenneth Jay's Viking Warrior Conditioning. Funny how the idea that reading about things makes you have more appreciation for them. Riiiiiiiiiight. (thanks for taking pics of me Susan)

Speaking of which, I need to get Bikram's book. I can't buy anything else right now though. I paid for a plane ticket to CO, Doc Cheng's workshop, and bills. I might be getting an apartment tomorrow! Ever hear of that thing called a security deposit? Yeah, me too. NO MORE SPENDING. Although, nothing has been frivolous. Except maybe the CDs I purchased yesterday. But music is my religion! And it was national independent record store day. Support what you believe right? Yes.
4/20 tomorrow. Remember Columbine. And then celebrate your existance with some of Earth's finest. I will be. As well as celebrating the joy of music. Reggae you say? John Brown's Body? The Note in West Chester, Bam's place is where I'll be tomorrow evening. Indeed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I feel like the weather

Dreary. Drizzle fo shizzle. Don't mind rain, especially after being in Colorado where it rains for a total of about 5 minutes at a time. Just feeling melancholy. I'm looking for an apartment and the word lost comes to mind. I am in limbo. Don't know where I'm going. Need to find a place by June. Not sure what I should agree to pay. Not sure how far away I should agree to live (from my jobs). I can be impulsive. Apartment hunting and impulsive behavior should not go hand in hand. There are potentials. I've seen 3 in person. I just don't know what exactly I'm looking for. If I did then I would have something to base my decisions off. We shall see. I'm not in jeopardy of being thrown on the streets or anything.

I'm going to work out some of my frustration during my VO2 workout today.

I'm to do 66 sets today. Woo! Kind of. It's easier to accomplish when there's other stuff going on. Such as people to distract me from looking at how many more sets I have left. It also helps to focus on one set at a time. Or another way to think about it as Will Williams SR RKC has said: it's not 528 snatches. It's 1 snatch 528 times. That's how many I'm doing today. Then I'm teachin' my class. I think I'm gonna go do that now. Leave it to kettlebells to make you feel better. At least for me.

Rock on.

Soon to be living the bachelorette life...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm in love with a foam roller

Everyone needs one. So go get one. They are not that expensive. Work some of your tension and adhesions (knots) out yourself. The ones you can't get to, I will! I do make house calls you know...

So I'm back into my VO2 full swing. 4x this week. Today was 60 sets. System of a Down helped me out. I don't have too much trouble physically completing sets. It's more mental. There is usually a wall that can be broken down. For some reason today's 60 was much easier than Tuesday's 60. Not really sure why. I gave 4 massages today before I trained. Tuesday I gave none. So, it's not the bodywork. It's the mental games I play with myself. They are in no way fun either.

I prefer your typical game. Perhaps a nice game of Chutes and Ladders? Candyland? Life? Yes. Those are good times. Maybe a little flashlight tag? Hide and seek in the dark. Indeed.

You want fun? Join us on the art museum steps Thursday the 30th at 7:30pm. 4 RKCs, one being yours truly. Kettlebells, swings, stuff and things! Rock on...

Here's a pic of our lovely looking crew from the class on the 2nd. We must go bigger and better next time! See you there! Or else. Muwahahaha...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Consider this...

I've been practicing thanking the universe and the Earth and whatnot every time I eat. Everything I've been ingesting lately has been a direct result of natural Earthly happenings. Nothing processed aside from the occasional whey protein shake. (MmmmmMuscle Milk sure knows what they're doing!) I was rather glad when Ori Hofmekler (author of the Warrior Diet) included whey protein in his list of acceptable foods to eat.

So it occurred to me that everything that I eat was once living. (no, not a new realization) Blah blah blah, right? NO. Why don't people freak out when veggies are killed to be eaten? What about fair treatment of my eggplant? Someone might have slapped my carrots around a little too much and I wasn't there to see it. Get what I'm saying? Yes, animals die for me. So do plants. And in doing so they all are fulfilling their purpose: to sustain life. Are cows and pigs and goats (oh my) just supposed to stand around and look pretty? No one cares if a head of lettuce gets thrown to the wayside. Why do we freak out about animals? Because they have eyes and a brain? Did you ever hear about people who talk to plants? They react to living things too.

At some point I am going to perish. When that fretful day arrives my remains will supply nourishment for some organism(s) somewhere. Do you really think that whatever eats me is going to thank me for living and dying so it can eat to live? Yeah, right. Well, I thank the plants and animals. I do recognize the fact that there is cruelty and chemicals out there, but I have just rediscovered the joy of eating pork and beef. I stopped eating them since the new year as an experiment. I wanted to see what my body thought. Maybe my skin would clear up. Nope. Worst its been ever! Maybe I would notice other changes. Nope. So, tonight I had two banging burgers from Whole Foods. Succulent. Last week Dave Whitley and I had a nice little (not really) WD meal. I asked him what he was getting. His reply? MEAT. It's been a while since I replied as my Big Bro of kettlebells did. Well, I went with the filet. AWESOME. I've come to the conclusion that I am to eat meat. I can do without, but I chose not to. Some do and I will not judge. It is quite possible to sustain a body of the gods without partaking in a cut of some meat. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for three years. Believe me, there are many many people who do not eat meat out there. I guess it's just some people's reasons for not that get to me. Pardon my rant by the way...

Everything is connected. Think food chain. Think the Lion King. Think spirals. Have you seen Pi?

Anyhoo. That was my dinner conversation with myself. That sounds lame. Or psychotic, depending on your viewpoint.

Feeling a little sore today. Not exactly sure why. Perhaps VO2 the last two days. Nothing active today besides giving 2 1/2 hrs of massage and a couple demos of the deadlift and swing. I'm getting back on track with the Viking Warrior Conditioning. I slacked for a little while there. I've been re-energized after finishing Kenneth Jay Master RKC's fabulous, and I do mean fabulous 100 pages detailing the sheer BADASSNESS that is. Thanks Willy, for lending it and aiding me in my quest to be a Warrior Princess. That's the only time I will ever admit I want to be the P word, when in conjunction with warrior:)

And now to manifest my new living arrangements. Although, I don't really know where I want to manifest my new abode. All I know is the mainline/rt 30 in PA is my starting ground. Malvern doesn't seem to be agreeing with my proposed plans. Will I need to commute a little more than I already am? UNIVERSE! Let's hear it! I have to be out of here in 6 weeks! I wouldn't mind being in my new spot in June. Thanks. See! I even thank the universe for things that were never living! Ha. Sorry. Give thanks for everything. It lends to more positive vibrations to come back to you. Ever hear of Karma? That's kinda what I'm talkin' bout. Throw in another spiral and what goes around comes around. Hippy stuff. Makes sense to me. K. Catchyaontheflip.

and remember: You rule.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good times. Good tunes.

I have been meaning to post more than once a week. Everything in cycles yeah?

So I've been doin stuff and things. I would like to highlight the art museum workout this past Thursday. 5 RKCs, myself included. 2 of those were my 2 favorite Big Ws. Will Williams Sr. RKC and Dave Whitley Sr. RKC. (double w) It was a kick ass time. Kettlebells do make everything better. Phil Scarito RKC had a shirt proclaiming that message.

After the steps I snatched a 32kg! First time ever. Windmilled it too. The rep wasn't that pretty, but it happened. I didn't kick my hip out enough.

Later, of course, beers were downed. This is a theme when RKCs gather. Good times. Always. Sleep didn't come until about 5am.

Now I am off to see Ray LaMontagne. I did end up getting a ticket. Just yesterday as a matter of fact. 6th row! BAM! I'm going solo. This will be the 3rd time I've seen him solo. He makes my soul expand. You should listen.

K. I'm off! Gonna stop at the Joe first. I haven't been in two weeks! That's cause last time I spent $88!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Loved every bit of it too.

Love you long time everybody. Tomorrow: Bikram, bodywork, bodywork, cheese and beer with my BFF Ashley. Things to look forward to.

OH! I am also excited about 4 of the 8 kettlebells that have arrived on my doorstep. Radical.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Universe is Awesome

I've been battling with myself a little lately. My adventurous side wants to go adventure some more. My responsible side says get yo shit together and then do some adventuring. Well, after Bikram today, which was ass kicking, I was giving myself a brief pep talk. Reiterating some goals I had set for myself by moving back to the East Coast. As I did this, the Sun broke through the clouds and shined directly on me for about 3 seconds and then went back in. Now, I'm not sure where you are located, but the sun has not been visible for some time now. It's a cloudy, rainy and drab day. I do believe that I received a little sign from the universe confirming that my pep talk was correct. I need to continue on that path. Do you believe things like that happen? And if so, has anything like that ever happened to you? (that you noticed) Something to ponder eh?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spiraling up!

Class frickin' rocked tonight! Me and the ladies (the ladies and I) all succeeded in pressing  a bell we previously could not. I pressed the 24kg! (I then proceeded to frolic, weeeee) Susan pressed the 20kg! Gretchen and Diana pressed the 16kg! And my moms pressed the 12kg no problem! It just feels so darn good to do stuff like that! Christmas! That's my exclamation that is not part of the long list of profanities I am known to divulge. For instance, after we all rocked it tonight in class, I mentioned the mental aspect of what we do with those bell thingies. I don't want to hear "I can't" or whathaveyou. In a nutshell my verbiage was as follows: "F****ing bulls**t". I was speaking in terms of using the previous negative statements. Don't let numbers stop you from doing something. Don't let your inner critic stop you from doing something. Slap that biotch in the face and cover up the numbers. It's you and the bell. It's your body and some weight. It's not a big deal! And we all proved it, yet once again. It's awesome to get people moving correctly. It's even better to help them prove themselves wrong. You all rock! 


I was chatting for a while with Diana tonight. Thanks again lady. You rule;) We both can attest to huge life changes because of bells. She lost a bunch of weight. I didn't or don't remember ever knowing her with the extra pounds. I'm pretty sure I was in Colorado when she embarked on the cast iron path. But today she is one fine momma! What 60 pounds? Inspiration to us all. She's still rockin' it. We have some pull-up goals we are workin' on. Now if we could just actually remember to DO them after class....But yeah, kettlebells changed my life too. And now, I'm seeing more and more people around me doing the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I've seen what kettlebells can do. I've been seeing it for years. But it's different when you see people multiple times a weeks for months change before your eyes. Fabulous. Just fabulous. 

So I just ordered like 9 bells to be delivered to my house! Someone is going to want to shoot me! Couple 12s, couple 16s, couple 20s. Some for me, my moms, her bff Nancy, Susan and Taylor, and Kari. BAM! I wanted to order a 24 for myself as well, but I'm thinking I may need to focus on a budget? Dangit! There's that word again. Doesn't seem to come to fruition. Although, I'm still saving my receipts. Yippee!

Here's another exciting kettlebell related topic. My big brother in kbs, Dave Whitley is coming to the Philly area next week. He was at my first meet, at my cert, was my team leader the first time he was a practicing Senior instructor when I was a first time assistant. He bent presses humans. I have multiple pictures. Actually, he may have pressed me.... Hmmmm. Not sure. Many a times socializing with kettlebell folk, we consume beers. That's plural. Plan on repeating that same thing next week. 

I hear there may be another art museum workout in the cards for next Thursday. For those of you who take my class, would you be interested on going to the city? Time is 7pm I believe. I would love for you to meet my two favorite Big Ws.     

Monday, March 23, 2009


How's it goin? That's good. Me? Oh, I'm just peachy. It's Tuesday 12:01am. I get to sleep in today. Woooo!!! There is a chance I may receive an early morn text alerting me to a scheduled training session. We shall see....

You missed a good weekend. I was there. Friday I met up with my coach, Randy. We chatted it up over yonder in The Cheddar (West Chester for those of you unfamiliar).

Saturday I got to chill with my Pops for a brief moment after workin' the spa action. Then I headed on over to some park I forget the name of an went for a little voluntary run again!?!?!? I'm not sure what's been coming over me. I've been choosing to run on my own accord? Maybe its the new kicks I got. They seemed to have helped my snatches as well. After the run, which was about a mile, I proceeded to spend the largest amount EVER at Trader Joe's. It must have been all the cheese... Mmmmmmm cheese. So I headed back to the Cheddar that eve for a merry old time. Slumber ensued at my home slices' crib over in D-town.

Sunday brought a rendezvous with Kari. We made our way down to the art museum steps and rocked it like Rocky. No bells between flights this time. Lucky for Kari! After was a little stroll through the Whole Foods, that I didn't know existed in Center City. Then cruised over to the Italian Market and finally made a stop on South St. I had to get me some yarrow sticks. I am about to embark on the traditional style I Ching reading after this post. After Philly it was back to Wayne. The day was not over! I accomplished my first in theater repeat of a film: The Watchmen. Ruled. That's that. Oh, I left out the rolling (bowling) and game of pool prior. Good times. Indeed.

There's a snipit of my activities of the last few days. Today I worked at the chiro's office. On my break I rocked a swing/c&p ladder with a 16, 20 and 24. 6 sets of 20, 15 and 10 swings. Two hand, single then double all twice. Then 2 sets of 5, 4 and 3 c&p all doubles. Had to push press the 24kg. Can't press those babies at this point.

Had a feast, watched a little Lost season 1 disc 4ish. And here I am. Next is contemplating what to ask the universe. I Ching, I would like a little guidance. That's what that yellow pic is up there. those are the 8 trigrams. Check it out. It's some cool stuff.

Have a marvelous evening everyone. I wish you strength, happiness and humor. Maybe a good night sleep too...Catchyaontheflip


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday was a low gravity day.

Do you ever have that feeling? More often than not, I have high gravity days. BUT! Yesterday I was pressing the 20kg like I've been doing that all along. Felt good. Felt real good....

Strength? Yes please. Thank you.

I'm off to the gym now. Training Taylor and Susan. The dynamic duo. What feats of strength will you surprise me with today ladies? And after, Kari. Let's get you repeating the phrase "I feel like a warrior!" That was just awesome.

Sushi to follow. F YEAH!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beware The Ides of March

WATCHMEN on Tuesday. Dude, it seriously was one of the best movies I've seen in the theater. I'm very thankful that my bro happened to have a copy for me to read before seeing the story translated to the big screen. Now I have my next desired Halloween costume. Not really keen on the high heels/skin tight leather thing, but it wouldn't be the first time. I was Trinity from The Matrix 3 times! I was also Wonderwoman. Gotta keep being badass chicks right? Right.
But yeah, this flick ROCKED. It very well may be the first movie that I repeat in the theater! Worth it. So worth it.

What else did the week provide? Hmmmm. Art museum workout that left me sore for days. It was epic though. Dinner at Kari and Adam's. Thanks you two! Ooooh! I got my pistol back on both sides on Thursday! I also got new kicks on Thurs too. I get excited about new shoes. After running the steps like Rocky on Tues in Chucks I figured I could spring for some more cush. I knew I was really excited about my Pumas because I voluntarily ran yesterday! I don't really run. Unless, like Brian says, I'm being chased. It wasn't too bad either. That happens every once in a blue moon. My knees weren't the happiest, still hurtin from Tues. But as you know, I am a machine. Ha!

Friday I cruised into the city to cheer on the boys from the Dragon Gym who fought in The Golden Gloves. That rocked. Made me want to box in the ring. Million Dollar Baby anyone? Sure! Well actually, I like training, but don't think I would like hitting some poor chicky in the face. Or vice versa, although I am a badass and would like to think that I wouldn't let anyone do that, but I am realistic. I'll keep to hitting stuff, not people's grills.

KB classes this week went marvelously. My Moms is doin' it up right! And the red haired duo is continuously surpassing their efforts of previous sessions. I may inspire Taylor, but she inspires me too! Not to mention her momma!

Gave a ton of massages this week and still not done. Today I gave 5 at the spa and then headed right on into a VO2 session of 40 sets. That's plenty for these forearms. Veins? Yep. Did a little grub shoppin' at Trader Joe's. I love that place. Came home and had one of my better feasts yet. My meal had every color of the rainbow! Trippy man. Started with a butter lettuce salad with cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing. Next was black bean soup with a smidgen of the best organic monterey jack cheese I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Then some lemon thyme chicken sausages (Whole Foods) with broccoli, butternut squash, red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion and the usual extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Oh, amidst the preparing were a few baby carrots dipped in garlic hummus from TJs. Dessert was plain yogurt with chunky apple sauce first. Then I indulged. I bought some organic milk and dark with almond chocolate. Little bit of sweet with a little spice of ginger tea while I watched the first disc of season 1 of Lost was quite fabulous. Just like Heroes, I had to start from the very beginning. Matthew Fox is hot. So is the other dude. Don't know his name. Maybe he'll be in my dream tonight like Sendhil from Heroes was last week...

As for tomorrow. I am going to Bikram for the first time in like 2 weeks I think. Yippee! Giving some bodywork and after that? Maybe a movie. Sounds good. See you there. I do not forsee any negative thing happening in regards to the Ides. Things are good. For some reason I always think of the Ides of March from 9th grade English class. Weird. Yes.

I leave you with a few more quotes I like:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"
"Concentration is the secret of strength" both by Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Be a warrior and arise. Great warrior arise" Bhagavad Gita

"To keep the body healthy is a duty...otherwise we cannot keep our mind strong and clear" Buddha

Rock on everyone. It's slumber time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I found what I was looking for

It's been four long years since the last time I experienced an evening of entertainment/enlightenment provided by the Phabulous Phoursome: PHISH. I had a realization their first night back (Fri). I realized that I always have realizations at Phish shows! Actually I had more than one realization. Another was acknowledging one specific reason why they have such a huge impact on me: When I am dancing, which is a form of expression I truly love, but I must add dancing to Phish is different and here's why: I am expressing myself 100% with no ego involvement. This is a rare situation. Although the majority of the time I don't give a rats behind what people think, there is that little voice that's way in the back there, making comments. For some reason, Phish throws that bitch out the door and slams it in her face!

You may have heard people speak of the "experience" of a live Phish show. You just have to be there to understand. Words do not seem to suffice. It's not just the music, its the roller coaster ride you embark on from the moment you arrive in the lot to the second you depart. Geezus, I wasn't even out of my car on the first night and realized I was driving in next to two buddies of mine from Colorado. Right in the car next to me!!! I saw about 12 people I knew at those shows in Virginia. All of them were from Colorado or California. I really thought I would see some East Coast peeps since I'm back on the East side. Eh. The world is a small place indeed.

Anyhoo, I basically cruised solo the entire time. I had some personal realizations as well as a few on a larger scale. I'm not going to attempt to describe them. Let's just say one of them involved a spiral! Yeah! Love spirals.

I was looking for that gift that they give (pure joy). Found it. I was looking for relaxation. Found it. I was looking for a vacation. Found it. It was like 80 degrees all weekend. Couldn't have asked for better weather. And that pure joy thing. How many times have you been so happy that you just had to laugh a joyous laughter out loud to the world? Well I had to, multiple times. Crazy. Music is a very spiritual thing for me. It's not about boozing and partying. Perhaps those things have been involved along the way at times, but this particular weekend, not so much. I recommend you see them this June. One guy after the show said it best. "I get it now" You don't have to come out a Phan, though most do, but you do have to come out with an appreciation for something that you will never find anywhere else. LIVE PHISH. Amen.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ahem. I've uh, gotten out from under that cloud.

Here's some inspiration I acquired today from this superb little gem of a book. These are quite fitting to many things I wrote about last night.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" Lao Tzu

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors" African proverb

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." The Buddha

"If you want a deep, intimate relationship with another, first become aware of who you are" William Haugh

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


WARNING: this is truly what I am deeming a puke post. As in bitch fest. Lame-o portion of my existence. If you don't want any of that, tune in later when I'm all bright and cheery again.

Why? Why ask why? Why not? Because I over analyze things. This leads to driving myself crazy. Although, it does also lead to enlightenment. Philosophers questioned everything. Why shouldn't I? That's how we know most of what we know today. (how do we know we really know something? there's one for the noodle) Not everything came to us in a dream like some of Einstein's et al's smarts. Here's a question Plato and Aristotle and Kant and Nietzsche and Descartes and Locke and Sartre didn't ask: Why does Jennifer Eve Morey give so much of herself?
Why do I have a hard time saying no? In years past it was more of an issue because I did not give enough TO myself. It made sense that the balance was off. These days though, I am taking very good care of me, myself and I. I've truly learned how important self care is. It is part of my life more now than ever. So how do I still give too much? And what is too much?
Perhaps it is a matter of the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I give because I want to receive. The problem is I feel I've not got as much of the 'what goes around comes around' as I would like. Or have I...? Almost like I need some justification for being generous with my time and energy. Money is not what I'm looking for either. I'm getting compensated monetarily for many of my efforts.
Perhaps I am just caught under a little rain cloud at the moment. (PMS is that you?) I do feel that Karma is no bitch. She has done me well as a matter of fact. I've stumbled across many an instance that is perhaps an 'answer' to my selflessness.
Hmmmmm. Might I be spiraling down into the lack of a badass counterpart again? Oh geeze. Here we go. I've got so much to give, but I'd rather have one main recipient to focus some of my overflowing benevolence for a while. That being said, they must deserve my awesomeness. And give back as much if not more damn it! Too many times. Too many times I have been blind. Or in denial, whatever you want to call it. I try to make someone worthy, when in reality they are not. Mind you, at this point I'm writing of a partner, not a person I come in contact with in daily life.
I really just need to simmer down. Seriously. I haven't even been back in PA for 4 months. In general, life is great. I have tip top health, shelter, uber good food, honorable professions, awesome friends, nearby family, a ticket to all 3 of Phish's reunion shows. What more can I ask for at the moment? Ok, let's not go there. Oh, wait. Way too late. I'm not going to type the L word. In a whiny little kid voice "but when is it my turn?" I've been told if you take care of yourself first, the rest takes care of itself. Well, exactly how long is that time frame? Ok, ok. I'm done. For now. Please excuse my rant(s) on this subject. All of this is what I want to spew when the many a people have asked "why don't you have a boyfriend?" Instead, what I say is: Good question! I don't freaking know! Maybe I'm destined to be a gypsy. Travel the world. A nun? Nah.

Apparently there is something else that needs to be done first. Hey, uh, Universe? Think I could get a little help here? Thanks for everything else in the meantime. Don't mean to be a pest or anything buuuuuuuut...... I'm thinking 4 years is long enough.

Well that sure spiraled into the void. Sorry folks. Gotta get it out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yes, indeed.

Greetings internet universe. As vast as you are I have not been a part of you as days recent. Well, I have returned. I am alive and well. A little sore, but hey. It's all good. Considering before this morning I did not put my hands on the horns of a kettlebell in a week! That's right folks. This trumps the longest time without touching a bell since my return. I fortunately did not stress about it. My wise friend/trainer enlightened me with the knowledge of rest being a good thing. I may forget this notion every now and then. Last Tuesday was my last session. Wednesday I attended yoga and Thursday I, along with 12 of my college friends, headed to Sugarbush Vermont to celebrate an entrance into a third decade. Friday was unusually warm for Vermont: 45? Rained a little in the afternoon, but we got some good runs in. Saturday was colder indeed. And you may gather that there was ice. You gathered right. After my second incident 'falling' I decided that was it. These were not your normal falls. Wasn't just about losing balance. I bit it hard. Then on my way back in along a flat stretch I caught an edge and went tumbling, again. This was the icing on the cake. I restretched whatever I stretched in right posterior rotator cuff back in '05. Not good! But, I recover quickly. Rocked out 60 sets VO2 style today and then had class for two hours. Went well. Better than I expected. I will say I was extremely sore from boarding. Did I mention that I boarded all weekend? Ooops. Anyway, I took advantage of the resort's hot tub and steam room. Solo! Was quite meditative. So were some runs I took solo. Anyhoo, good times indeed. I did have to bail on my Thursday class last week. But, last Tuesday I taught my class and the advanced class. Took the grasshoppers through a pistol progression I was shown earlier in the day. Who do you suppose had the most success? I'll tell you. The oldest man in the class as well as the youngest girl in the class. Not sure how old this guy is, maybe 50? He rocked it. Not a full pistol but more than anyone else did in that last portion of the hour. Miss Redhead Rockstar Taylor texted me later that night showing off her full pistol success. This girl is 12!!!! When I train her and her mom Susan they rock out with 16kgs!!! Awesome. Just awesome. Susan, you said it. Kettlebells are life changing.

Going to look at a potential new dwelling tomorrow in Malvern. Wish me luck. I could possibly work out of this place too. We shall see. Maybe I'll dream about it tonight. Dreams lately have been good, and some weird. I dreamt that I was dating Dr. Suresh from Heroes. I don't believe I've ever had a dream with a famous person before. It was cool. Too bad he's married and has a child. Ha! Maybe I can have a dream with Peter from Heroes next. That's the only series I've watched. Otherwise I don't really get too much of the brain rotting box. There have been some other dreams (that I actually remember), but perhaps are not appropriate for this realm. Most have been centered around a significant other. Well, at least I have one in my dreams. Hey look at what time it is! Time to enter the dream world.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday started mucky but ended money

Tis Monday all. The day started slow. I wasn't feelin' it for a while. My 9-1 shift at the chiro's office was pretty feeble. I had one session. That has it's ups and downs. Down, I didn't make any loot. Up, I wasn't feelin' it so.....I got some more shizzle together to make a budget. Serious this time folks. I'm about to embark on living solo for the first time in my existence. Assuming this is the only lifetime I have existed of course. Through the grapevine of a rather weirdly connected connection of acquaintances I have been brought to the attention of a place of residence in Malvern. It just so happens that Malvern is where I would prefer to reside. It being approximately half the distance between 2 of my 3 jobs along route 30. The 3rd would be about 3 minutes from there. Indeed...

I must mention this evening I have scored the final ticket to each of the three seemingly impossible to attain tickets to Phish's reunion run in Hampton, VA. I do believe I manifested this. I did not pay a cent over face value either. I also manifested that. Heh. Do you believe manifestation is possible? Well I certainly do dangit! I mean really, this is probably one of the most epic reunions of my lifetime! And I being the Hippie Badass that I am, I will be attending each of these shows solo at this point. That's no problem by me, but I really thought I was to have a partner in crime. Word is not always bond apparently.

So. Let's talk about physical activities that are noteworthy.

Friday I had a great KB session. Thought I was going to do a few hundred snatches in the VO2 stylee but instead proceeded to do a bunch of Swedish Get Downs. Oops, Turkish get ups. There was some other stuff in there too. I like mixin' it up. I like new. I like fresh. Keeps things interesting. Went to the chiro's where I then found out about the spot in Malvern and did a drive by. I think I'll be checkin' it out this week. Maybe. Anyhoo, massages and then happy hour at the Fox and Hound in King of Prussia. Met up with some gals from high school. Interesting. Fun. 2 Guinness and I was out.

Saturday I worked the spa. 4 Massages. One being my second repeat there! This woman is so on the boat for Kettlebells too. It's great. After, I enjoyed another KB session outdoors at sunset. Multiple pooches runnin' around made it even better. There was a fourth dog there, but he's a different species. Son of a. I crack myself up. If you can't laugh at yourself then what the f**k? Shuffle board (I won both times), two beers and then home to feast. I'm quite proud of myself and my culinary delights lately. This here gal has not been seen cookin' too much in the past. The times they are a changin' indeed! Started with a salad, bowl of butternut squash soup, carrots and roasted red pepper hummus. Trader Joe's really helps things out. I got the Thai Yellow Curry sauce for the first time, cubed up some chix, and a boat load (and I mean boat load) of veggies. My only dilemma was deciding between lentils, quinoa or couscous. I went with the lentils. Bangin'!!!!!

Let me just mention something about alcohol and the Warrior Diet. Ok, I'm sure it's not just the WD, but any time that you are eating clean. I'm telling you what. Two beers Friday night, and the two brews on Saturday left me feelin' mighty fine. Oh yes. So not only do you end up saving money on food with the WD, but you don't need to booze as much to get a buzz on either! Granted I don't partake on a regular basis, but whatever. I have been known to put a couple back here and there.

Sunday I rose from slumber to travel to my newlywed homies' new house in Downingtown. Put some scrubby threads on and headed over to do some painting. I cannot wait for the first throw down. The place rules. I then returned Easterly and attended the 3:30 Bikram class. This was by far the most packed class I have been to yet. I was looking at a sliver of myself in the mirror. Regardless, I had one of my best classes yet! I was apprehensive because I knew it was going to be a larger number of students, but it just goes to show you. You never know.

Monday. Today! As mentioned before, started mucky. Ended money. On my break I had another successful VO2 session. Back at the office, made a bunch of phone calls, and gave some bodywork. The last was an add on. I was hoping it wasn't going to happen. I was feeling hungry. My warrior instincts told me it was time to be done working for the day. Well, this warrior is taking off the next two weekends. So, what's another half hour session? Cake. And! It was one of those that just made me darn happy. I felt great helping this client. I got adjusted and then....MONEY. That's not it! When I came home I celebrated the knowledge of getting the last of 3 nights of Phish. That's really money. And my feast. You guessed right. MONEY MONEY and MONEY. Tonight it was a salad with goat cheese and red peppers and balsamic vin, fish, veggies a sac of couscous to my head. I finished it off with one of the guacamole kits from Trader Joes. That's right, guac for dessert. Yum.

One other little tidbit of marvelousness: I believe this to be my most favorite Yogi Tea quotes to date-"Wisdom character and consciousness conquer all" BAM! That's what I'm talkin' bout! Ginger tea anyone? Here you are...sip. Ahhhhhhhhh

Ok. I'm gonna do some other stuff. Meditate is one. Sleep is another. Kettlebells tomorrow. What's on my plate? Who knows? I don't. I just do what my wise Senior tells me to do.

Seeking sweet slumber for my super silly soul.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My days are off

Anyone else feel like today is not Thursday? The last few days this week I've been confused as to which day it is. Weird.

Hmmm. What tales to tell today? Yesterday I gave some massages at Paoli Chiro. One woman was so into her session. She ate up everything I was talking about. Currently she's training to be a yoga instructor. Awesome. We can relate indeed. Body, mind, spirit. Yes. When clients are as excited about what's going on in their body as I am I end up leaving the session feeling like it was me on the table. I float out of the room sometimes. It rules. Everyone needs bodywork. It's not a luxury. Sometimes it can be, of course. But one should not think of a massage as a pampering event. Why wouldn't you want to improve your posture? decrease pain? become relaxed? etc etc. There is really nothing that goes on in your body that is not positively affected by soft tissue manipulation. Do you have insurance? More and more these days are covering massage. GO GET SOME!

After work at Paoli I made a house call. Then headed to The Dragon Gym. My good friend Kari met me there and we did some stuff. I rocked out another 44 sets 15:15. She did 30 sets. This is a girl who has not used Kettlebells for very long at all. She said she felt like a warrior! Hell yes!

After my and Kari's workout I trained the mother/daughter duo Susan and Taylor. They do not cease to amaze me as well as themselves. Many times we let numbers dictate what we think we can do. These two femmes are easily rockin the 16kg. And Taylor is like 12!!! She is frickin strong. Keep it up ladies!!! You rule!

It feels damn good to help people feel good. Now if I could just get someone to give me a massage...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today is Tuesday

Let me start out by clearing something up. This blog is like an online journal for me. It's not just about posting what my workouts are, like many of my fellow bloggers. I may rant a little. I may post some personal things. Ahem. So, it's whatevs. Tales of a badass hippie include a plethora of facets of my existence. Read on if you like! If not, it's all good. I'll never know anyway.

So. I'm currently asking myself, "Self, how are things?" And I reply: "I'm doin' good!"Or well I should say. (I heard once that if you talk to yourself it's no big deal. It's when you start having a conversation with yourself that it's a sign of mental illness) I make an attempt every now and then to be grammatically correct. Might not always be politically correct or ethically correct, so why not start with grammar? Although, I'm sure that paragraph has multiple errors.

Saturday: St. Valentine's Day. Do you know what the deal is with that holiday? Do some research even if you think you know. Anyhoo. I gave 5 hour long massages. Actually one was 75 minutes long. I made it. Long day for sure, but I made it. 5 is the limit. Afterwards I attended an Anti-Valentines Day party. Wasn't really much of a theme goin' on there. More like a normal get together, eat drink, be merry. There was some Rock Band thrown in there too. I sang Disturbed, Modest Mouse and?? Not sure. Fun indeed. Another entertaining aspect of the gathering were some dudes that were there. These guys work out at Iron Sport I believe. We chatted a little about Kettlebells. I believe the conversation started out with 5 guys standing in front of me with one asking his buddies about "the Kettlebell rule". Apparently Kettlebells are for people who can't lift! Aahahahhahahaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. That was a good one. I'm sure it was in jest, partly. But not fully. Well, I voiced my side. I also challenged. No one took the bait. Figures. Tee hee. Did I scare anyone? Well if I did, this time I liked it. Heh. The night was really great overall except for the pizza, cookies and cake I ate. I have been eating so clean lately that those items didn't really jive with my system. Wasn't a disaster, but let's just say my detox system is working just fine these days. Warrior Diet! Boo yeah!

Sunday: I gave a massage. Drank some coffee and went to Ikea. I've been living with my bro and his girl since I returned a few months ago. I purged most of my belongings after leaving the Rocky Mountain State. So, my clothes have been in piles around the perimeter of my room. Does not lend to feeling nice about walking in to my sanctuary. I made some quick cash from the bodywork and decided to make a detour on the Blue Route a couple exits past mine. Ikea RULES. I have not been to one in years. I purchased two dressers for $100! And bamb! It's like a new room. I love building stuff. I also enjoy organizing...somewhat.

Monday: Massage at Paoli Chiro. On my break I head to the Dragon Gym to do my VO2. Door's locked. Grrrr. I go to Circuit City instead. They're going out of business. I got some music. Music, sweet music. Back to work. Booked solid evening. Went back to the gym and grabbed a couple bells by their horns and took them back to the Wayne-stead. It took a little for me to motivate myself through this workout. 8pm. Done work for the day. Hungry. I pushed out 44 sets anyway. Boo yeah.

Today: Bikram at 5:30am. Awesome. Return home, meditate. Nap. Head to Valley Forge to teach some bells. Shop at Trader Joes. Then off to my class at the Dragon Gym. My mom has been taking my class! She is(was) basically sedentary. Well, today she's using the 12kg like a pro. Good job Mom. Soon, you will be a badass like your offspring. Heh.

Ok, it's that time. I should sleep. I'm adding to my Kettlebell education tomorrow morning at 7am. Then more massaging. Paoli, then a house call. Then, I'm going to pick up some Phish tickets. Oh yes.

Please enjoy what you can this evening, morning, noon and night. Thank the universe or whatever you want for all the shizzle you have. It's a good thing to do.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Music music music

I want Ray LaMontagne tickets and Kings of Leon tickets. I didn't buy them. I'm paying bills. What's $50 every now and then for a ticket to awesomeness? What? I'm supposed to be saving my money? Oh, I'm supposed to be looking for an apartment? Oh, right. Ok. Well screw the live tunes then.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scary is good. Sometimes

So I consider myself a badass. Other people do too. Ok. That's fine. But I am not trying to scare anyone. I think that may be the case sometimes. I'm a chick. I train. I'm getting pretty fit again. This one vein started showing up in my forearm today. Not sure that that kind of thing is a goal. Sigh. But then there are days where I like that kind of shit. I notice something about myself and think, sweet! that's cool. I inspire. I frighten. I intimidate. Intimidation is something that's been part of my outward effects just from natural phenomena I have no control over. My height, my broad shoulders, my deep voice. See all of that stuff sounds manly. Couple that with the vein thing and being a badass in the gym and what do you get? Someone a little self concious about all of her masculine traits. Then I go back to F it. I like being strong. I like being fit. I like doing stuff that dudes can't do. Maybe once there is actually a dude in the picture then these things won't be construed in the same way. Yeah, I think that's it. I don't care about scaring people per se. I care about scaring my future mate away. He's just gonna have to be equally scary...

In the meantime I'm gonna keep doing all this super sweet stuff I've been doing. 

Monday I got in another VO2 session: 50 sets 15:15 w/12kg. 

Tuesday. Oh sweet geezus, Tuesday. I did it to myself. So I got a Bikram 10 pack!! Went 9:30am for the 90mins. Had the worst class yet. So many distractions. Never before did people leave the room during class. This time maybe 4 different people! Then this semi crazy lady came in late. Where did she post up you ask? Why yes, right next to the Badass Hippie. Everyone was all over the place. Falling out of postures, making weird sounds, people were just not in the zone. So, neither was I. Damnit! Oh well. Not every day can be a good one. I still felt awesome afterwards. So then, I had my weekly Tuesday KB session where I am the student. Sweetness. Well, sort of. I worked on my pistol, which sucks but poop occurs. Next! House call in West Chester. Next! My KB class in Exton. Next! A yoga class I forgot I agreed to attend, it being my good friend Annie teaching as this UBER SWEET yoga studio: Turks Head Yoga in West Chester. And I passed on doing a set of VO2 because I would have been "overdoing it". Needless to say I was (am) sore. But I'm a machine! A warrior princess! A BADASS HIPPIE! Yes. 

Wednesday I gave some massages and did my minimum VO2: 30 sets. Trained the mother daughter KB duo Susan and Taylor at the Dragon Gym and got in a little socializing before heading back to Wayne. I got jazzed up talking to this cool dude Martin about astrology, The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy. In a stoner voice "It's all connected man"

Today I rose from slumber to attend the 5:30am Bikram class. This would be the second time I voluntarily got out of bed at 5am to go to yoga. Crazy. Crazy good! Gave some more massages and taught my KB class. Then stayed for another hour of KBs. MMMM. Am I over doing it? Eh. 

Tomorrow I have another weekly session as a young grasshopper and then, yep, you guessed it! Give some massages! It's Friday the 13th tomorrow. Ooooohhhhhh nooooo. Whatever. 

Saturday, I'm scheduled to give 6 massages at Ame. That's too many. I'm supposed to give another after I'm done! Ahhhhh. I might need to bail on that one. Well postpone it. Sorry Wendy/Jaime. I'll get ya. But really. 7 one hour massages in one day is not a good thing. 

Oh! I've just about finished reading the Warrior Diet. I've also been practicing for a bit. It rules. Apparently it's showing. I got some comments from people who's input I greatly value in the last few days. Not to mention the whole vein thing. Here's a good one to tell people when you are talking nutrition: more people commit suicide with a fork than with a gun.

You could say one might be grabbing the bell by the horns...

I'm rockin' on wit my bad self. Indeed. 


Tune in next time to the Jen Show where she will be discussing how she gave 80 million Valentine's Day massages while being secretly bitter. What the hell Cupid? What did I ever do to you? "Love never dies of starvation, but often of indigestion" It's gonna be both for me. Who has some ginger and peppermint?

Time for dreaming. After some meditating. And tea. And spirals. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FMS: Full Moon Session

Sure, the combination of those letters is also an acronym for Functional Movement System. Ooops.

So, I have not trained since Wednesday. Thursday I worked all day and then headed to a show. Friday woke up feeling like poopie. I recouped in the morning and then headed to Paoli Chiro for my weekly meeting at 1 and shift at 3.  Headed to Whole Foods got some grub and had a mighty feast. Following that I watched Children of Men and then the Second half of Braveheart. TV can be good for some things I guess. 

Saturday I worked all day again. By all day I mean showing up at 8am to give an undetermined amount of massages. This day happened to include 5. That was the most scheduled in one day in a while. That's the limit really, for minimum 60 minutes of bodywork. During one session my thoughts wondered to my old job waiting tables at Teca in West Chester. On my gracious half hour lunch I checked my phone to find a voicemail from my old boss at Teca!!! He needed my help. I haven't worked there but one time since returning to PA in November. I put in a good 10 years of restaurant service. I am over it. Well, almost. I decided to help out. Make a guest appearance. Why not offer myself up to some more uber lucky people? Ha. Brought in another $100 and some!!! Worth it. Seeing some old faces and knowing I'm not stuck in that place made it a good time. 

So needless to say I didn't get a workout in Saturday either. I considered squeezing in a VO2 before shipping off to the next job, but considering how poopie I felt Friday I didn't want to waste myself into a useless blob. 

Woke up this morning to the sun shining. Got myself a cup of blueberry green tea and a shower and headed to my weekly Sunday housecall. Had no idea I was going to walk out to about 65 degrees! Bangin'! I wore my Chocos today baby. Oh yeah. After the massage I thought a workout in the sun would be fabulous. It didn't happen. Instead I went to Trader Joe's in Ardmore. It was crazy in there! Crazy. Full moon influence or just the nature of that sweet store? Loaded up on the goods for a weekish worth of goodies and headed home. Trained indoors with Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain pushing me through 50 sets for the VO2. Went well. Better than I thought. I upped my days/week so it makes sense. I would like to work towards some pull ups and pistols. It's been a while.

Things are good. Feelin good. People want me to train them with Kettlebells and other people want me to give them bodywork. Today alone I scheduled 4 massages!!! F yeah! Bikram 10 pack here I come. Ray LaMontagne ticket here I come too! Woo HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Speaking of music. Phish reunites for 3 shows in VA in less than a month! I'm going with or without anyone else. It will be EPIC. That's an understatement. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Feelin' It Friday

Although it's technically not Friday anymore, today was harsh. The aftermath of last night was not something I would like to repeat. Don't get me wrong, last night was awesome. The Black Keys at the Electric Factory ROCKED. It was the fact that at about 3 in the afternoon I felt a little twinge in the back of my throat. I know what that is, but haven't felt it in a long time. The beginnings of a sore throat indeed. Well, this was not going to hinder my plans for music. So, I continue on. Didn't really eat too much all day(gonna make an attempt at the Warrior Diet, details to come) and commenced drinking of alcoholic beverages. Needless to say the throat issue did not completely disappear, although it was filtered out of my senses momentarily. After the show I made a confession which felt great to get out but did not provide any other positive results other than a weight lifted from my shoulders.

So let's see-drinking, purging(verbally), not enough water, sore throat. You can imagine what I felt like when I woke up this morning. Head pounding, throat swollen, dry as the desert and a deflated ego. All of those things do not make for a welcoming morning. My British buddy Chuzzy RKC sent me a Churchill quote: When going through hell, keep going. I wouldn't consider today hell, but it did not feel nice.

Should have trained today. I took the day to recuperate. And that is exactly what I did. I feel a million times better. Water, vitamin C, coffee, music, bodywork and I'm good as new. Had an awesome meal this evening and now I'm off to slumber before another day of massage.

I didn't get Ray tickets, yet. Must pay rent and school loan and phone and Bikram and and and....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I love music like I love cheese

Ever see the saying: "Music is my religion"? Well, this may be the case for me. I've seen hundreds of live shows. I've been to multiple festivals big and small. I'm now battling with whether or not to buy Ray LaMontagne tix to the Tower Theater show in April. The thing is I have bills. I'm trying to be more responsible dangit. But he is AWESOME. Such a soulful voice. I've seen him twice before solo style. You know someone is a fan when they go to a show by him/herself. Actually I've done this many a time. You might say I am comfortable hanging out with me, myself and I. So do I be irresponsible to replicate the feeling of my soul expanding by listening to Ray's voice live? Still not sure.

On the upside I will be seeing some sweet live music this Thursday. The Black Keys are playing at the Electric Factory. Mmm hmmm. I got tix in honor of celebrating the entrance into a third decade of life on this planet (W2's). Bonus for me I get to see some tunes too! This will be my first show back on the east coast. I'm gosh darn excited!

The angel on my shoulder is telling me I'll get more chances to see Ray. The devil says take every chance you can get. LIVE! He also says I should reward myself for doing 500 snatches last night. Grrrr. I'm going to go move some bells right now and contemplate this minute dilemma.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do spirals go down?

NO! I've been in an upward spiral.

I've been consistently training with Kettlebells at least 5 days a week, meditating almost every day, eating fabulously, not boozing too much (did have a couple ragers here and there), stretching more, getting into some Bikram, reading, writing, and spending time with fam and friends. Awesome. Just awesome.

Overall, since returning to the east side things have really just come together. Upon returning, I have had jobs (yes plural) given to me, a place to stay offered indefinitely, a car to drive and other things like this that just keep happening. It seems that every time I need something it has manifested itself to me in the last 6 months. This phenomenon has been referred to synchronicity, yes? Or perhaps I am really good at The Secret and I don't know it. Apparently the more you notice it, the more it happens. Well you can bet I believe that last tidbit!

It's all quite awesome. Part of why I am a fan of spirals. It's a pattern that is very common in nature. Everything spirals out of something else. The universe for example. Everything is connected man blah blah blah. I dig it. Do you? Now, not everything is perfect (have you met my boyfriend? neither have I) but things are definitely good. It's been a selfish cycle, but necessary. You need to take care of #1 first, right? Then everything else is a little easier. At least that's what I hear.

Oh, I do not believe I mentioned I GOT PHISH TICKETS! Yes, oh yes. On Friday. Then I did 40 sick sets 15:15 with the 12kg. They felt good, real good. Another VO2 is comin at me tomorrow. I think 50 is in the cards again. We shall see.

Friday, January 30, 2009

They're baaaaaaaaaaack

I'm going to by Phish tickets today. Never saw them? It's an experience of a lifetime, every time. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

And we're back!

Great news! I've done stuff in the last couple days! Yep. Feeling good. Tuesday I started the day with some meditating and chakra work in the morn. Read some more Watchmen. Then it was 50 sets with a 12kg VO2 style (PR whew!), then gave 90minute-ish massage, then taught Kettlebells, then took a Kettlebell class where I added another couple hundred snatches to the count. These with a 16kg, and then yum in my tum.
Weds I woke up early, more meditating, more reading-this time a little more of The Tao of Physics, then another massage. It seems that all you guys that are bent on bending stuff can get a little out of whack. This particular client hasn't been able to train! Hopefully we will see Mike at the Dragon Gym again here soon...Let's see, what else yesterday? I went to teach more Kettlebells but was disappointed when I showed up to the gym and it was closed due to snow?!?! Sigh. I should be getting my key really soon.....
So on to the next event: BIKRAM MMMMMMMM. I've done the hot yoga stuff before. I don't think it was Bikram though. This was better (all but the nosebleed as we were about to airplane). Thanks to Will Williams Sr RKC for the recommendation of the spot to hit on the Mainline. I actually liked it so much and they give this deal of unlimited visits for your first week, that I went back to the 5:30am class this morn! Nosebleed shmosebleed (didn't happen this time). I can't tell you the last time I got up that early to do anything physical(formally or informally for that matter).
So now I am off to give some more massages at one of my 3 jobs. This one happens to be 3 blocks from my homestead. It works. Tonight's agenda includes teaching my KB class, maybe taking the one after, and making a house call for another massage. I like to keep busy. Can you tell? I was practically on vacation since the CK-FMS in August up until about 4 weeks ago.

I wish you all a thoroughly thriving Thursday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simmer down, s**t happens!

So the dumbass in me posted my new blog with an error in the name! Couldn't find my own freaking blog. Great if you want to share, or perhaps oh I don't know, maybe publish another post? Yeah, good job.

It's all good. To err is human, to forgive divine. Alexander Pope is who we have to thank for that one. Well, I've forgiven myself. Do people forgive themselves? If you don't, you should. Forgiveness is not like saying "it's ok that I/you/he/she/it/we/they did whathaveyou" It is really letting go of whatever negative thoughts etc you are holding onto because of the said action. Otherwise you hold onto some poo and it eats away at you. Practice letting go, cutting the cord, moving on...

For instance, I haven't seriously trained in the last 5ish days. (I'm not counting attempts to clean the Beast***, swinging the Beast and windmills with a 24 at 4am) That's the longest by far I have not morphed with a bell or two since I returned to Pennsylvania: Nov 21st! Well, I am trying to forgive myself. While I lived in Colorado I barely worked out. It was horrible. Considering previous to that my lifestyle had me in the gym at least 4 days a week. I wasn't going overboard spending hours upon hours there or anything. But still. Talk about falling off the wagon. I've forgiven myself for my lack of activity. I think.

So everything in cycles. Yes. I know. This just happened to be a cycle where training didn't happen. Get over it. I have three jobs now. That kind of has something to do with it. Ha! It's still a normal workweek in terms of hours. Don't worry. I'm a workaholic by nature. Besides, in less than two hours I'll be bent pressing, deadlifting, and taking another run down the VO2 protocol road. I dig it. Outdoors is even better. Indoors makes my head feel like a tomato about to explode by the time I'm done the last set.

Afterwards I'm giving some bodywork and then teaching my intro/beginner KB class. My mom is showing up for her third class! Rock on Mom!

***Correction: What I thought was a Beast at the time. It was a 40kg. Beers and shots can sometimes cloud your senses...D'OH!