Thursday, January 29, 2009

And we're back!

Great news! I've done stuff in the last couple days! Yep. Feeling good. Tuesday I started the day with some meditating and chakra work in the morn. Read some more Watchmen. Then it was 50 sets with a 12kg VO2 style (PR whew!), then gave 90minute-ish massage, then taught Kettlebells, then took a Kettlebell class where I added another couple hundred snatches to the count. These with a 16kg, and then yum in my tum.
Weds I woke up early, more meditating, more reading-this time a little more of The Tao of Physics, then another massage. It seems that all you guys that are bent on bending stuff can get a little out of whack. This particular client hasn't been able to train! Hopefully we will see Mike at the Dragon Gym again here soon...Let's see, what else yesterday? I went to teach more Kettlebells but was disappointed when I showed up to the gym and it was closed due to snow?!?! Sigh. I should be getting my key really soon.....
So on to the next event: BIKRAM MMMMMMMM. I've done the hot yoga stuff before. I don't think it was Bikram though. This was better (all but the nosebleed as we were about to airplane). Thanks to Will Williams Sr RKC for the recommendation of the spot to hit on the Mainline. I actually liked it so much and they give this deal of unlimited visits for your first week, that I went back to the 5:30am class this morn! Nosebleed shmosebleed (didn't happen this time). I can't tell you the last time I got up that early to do anything physical(formally or informally for that matter).
So now I am off to give some more massages at one of my 3 jobs. This one happens to be 3 blocks from my homestead. It works. Tonight's agenda includes teaching my KB class, maybe taking the one after, and making a house call for another massage. I like to keep busy. Can you tell? I was practically on vacation since the CK-FMS in August up until about 4 weeks ago.

I wish you all a thoroughly thriving Thursday.

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