Monday, March 9, 2009

I found what I was looking for

It's been four long years since the last time I experienced an evening of entertainment/enlightenment provided by the Phabulous Phoursome: PHISH. I had a realization their first night back (Fri). I realized that I always have realizations at Phish shows! Actually I had more than one realization. Another was acknowledging one specific reason why they have such a huge impact on me: When I am dancing, which is a form of expression I truly love, but I must add dancing to Phish is different and here's why: I am expressing myself 100% with no ego involvement. This is a rare situation. Although the majority of the time I don't give a rats behind what people think, there is that little voice that's way in the back there, making comments. For some reason, Phish throws that bitch out the door and slams it in her face!

You may have heard people speak of the "experience" of a live Phish show. You just have to be there to understand. Words do not seem to suffice. It's not just the music, its the roller coaster ride you embark on from the moment you arrive in the lot to the second you depart. Geezus, I wasn't even out of my car on the first night and realized I was driving in next to two buddies of mine from Colorado. Right in the car next to me!!! I saw about 12 people I knew at those shows in Virginia. All of them were from Colorado or California. I really thought I would see some East Coast peeps since I'm back on the East side. Eh. The world is a small place indeed.

Anyhoo, I basically cruised solo the entire time. I had some personal realizations as well as a few on a larger scale. I'm not going to attempt to describe them. Let's just say one of them involved a spiral! Yeah! Love spirals.

I was looking for that gift that they give (pure joy). Found it. I was looking for relaxation. Found it. I was looking for a vacation. Found it. It was like 80 degrees all weekend. Couldn't have asked for better weather. And that pure joy thing. How many times have you been so happy that you just had to laugh a joyous laughter out loud to the world? Well I had to, multiple times. Crazy. Music is a very spiritual thing for me. It's not about boozing and partying. Perhaps those things have been involved along the way at times, but this particular weekend, not so much. I recommend you see them this June. One guy after the show said it best. "I get it now" You don't have to come out a Phan, though most do, but you do have to come out with an appreciation for something that you will never find anywhere else. LIVE PHISH. Amen.

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