Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday started mucky but ended money

Tis Monday all. The day started slow. I wasn't feelin' it for a while. My 9-1 shift at the chiro's office was pretty feeble. I had one session. That has it's ups and downs. Down, I didn't make any loot. Up, I wasn't feelin' it so.....I got some more shizzle together to make a budget. Serious this time folks. I'm about to embark on living solo for the first time in my existence. Assuming this is the only lifetime I have existed of course. Through the grapevine of a rather weirdly connected connection of acquaintances I have been brought to the attention of a place of residence in Malvern. It just so happens that Malvern is where I would prefer to reside. It being approximately half the distance between 2 of my 3 jobs along route 30. The 3rd would be about 3 minutes from there. Indeed...

I must mention this evening I have scored the final ticket to each of the three seemingly impossible to attain tickets to Phish's reunion run in Hampton, VA. I do believe I manifested this. I did not pay a cent over face value either. I also manifested that. Heh. Do you believe manifestation is possible? Well I certainly do dangit! I mean really, this is probably one of the most epic reunions of my lifetime! And I being the Hippie Badass that I am, I will be attending each of these shows solo at this point. That's no problem by me, but I really thought I was to have a partner in crime. Word is not always bond apparently.

So. Let's talk about physical activities that are noteworthy.

Friday I had a great KB session. Thought I was going to do a few hundred snatches in the VO2 stylee but instead proceeded to do a bunch of Swedish Get Downs. Oops, Turkish get ups. There was some other stuff in there too. I like mixin' it up. I like new. I like fresh. Keeps things interesting. Went to the chiro's where I then found out about the spot in Malvern and did a drive by. I think I'll be checkin' it out this week. Maybe. Anyhoo, massages and then happy hour at the Fox and Hound in King of Prussia. Met up with some gals from high school. Interesting. Fun. 2 Guinness and I was out.

Saturday I worked the spa. 4 Massages. One being my second repeat there! This woman is so on the boat for Kettlebells too. It's great. After, I enjoyed another KB session outdoors at sunset. Multiple pooches runnin' around made it even better. There was a fourth dog there, but he's a different species. Son of a. I crack myself up. If you can't laugh at yourself then what the f**k? Shuffle board (I won both times), two beers and then home to feast. I'm quite proud of myself and my culinary delights lately. This here gal has not been seen cookin' too much in the past. The times they are a changin' indeed! Started with a salad, bowl of butternut squash soup, carrots and roasted red pepper hummus. Trader Joe's really helps things out. I got the Thai Yellow Curry sauce for the first time, cubed up some chix, and a boat load (and I mean boat load) of veggies. My only dilemma was deciding between lentils, quinoa or couscous. I went with the lentils. Bangin'!!!!!

Let me just mention something about alcohol and the Warrior Diet. Ok, I'm sure it's not just the WD, but any time that you are eating clean. I'm telling you what. Two beers Friday night, and the two brews on Saturday left me feelin' mighty fine. Oh yes. So not only do you end up saving money on food with the WD, but you don't need to booze as much to get a buzz on either! Granted I don't partake on a regular basis, but whatever. I have been known to put a couple back here and there.

Sunday I rose from slumber to travel to my newlywed homies' new house in Downingtown. Put some scrubby threads on and headed over to do some painting. I cannot wait for the first throw down. The place rules. I then returned Easterly and attended the 3:30 Bikram class. This was by far the most packed class I have been to yet. I was looking at a sliver of myself in the mirror. Regardless, I had one of my best classes yet! I was apprehensive because I knew it was going to be a larger number of students, but it just goes to show you. You never know.

Monday. Today! As mentioned before, started mucky. Ended money. On my break I had another successful VO2 session. Back at the office, made a bunch of phone calls, and gave some bodywork. The last was an add on. I was hoping it wasn't going to happen. I was feeling hungry. My warrior instincts told me it was time to be done working for the day. Well, this warrior is taking off the next two weekends. So, what's another half hour session? Cake. And! It was one of those that just made me darn happy. I felt great helping this client. I got adjusted and then....MONEY. That's not it! When I came home I celebrated the knowledge of getting the last of 3 nights of Phish. That's really money. And my feast. You guessed right. MONEY MONEY and MONEY. Tonight it was a salad with goat cheese and red peppers and balsamic vin, fish, veggies a sac of couscous to my head. I finished it off with one of the guacamole kits from Trader Joes. That's right, guac for dessert. Yum.

One other little tidbit of marvelousness: I believe this to be my most favorite Yogi Tea quotes to date-"Wisdom character and consciousness conquer all" BAM! That's what I'm talkin' bout! Ginger tea anyone? Here you are...sip. Ahhhhhhhhh

Ok. I'm gonna do some other stuff. Meditate is one. Sleep is another. Kettlebells tomorrow. What's on my plate? Who knows? I don't. I just do what my wise Senior tells me to do.

Seeking sweet slumber for my super silly soul.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My days are off

Anyone else feel like today is not Thursday? The last few days this week I've been confused as to which day it is. Weird.

Hmmm. What tales to tell today? Yesterday I gave some massages at Paoli Chiro. One woman was so into her session. She ate up everything I was talking about. Currently she's training to be a yoga instructor. Awesome. We can relate indeed. Body, mind, spirit. Yes. When clients are as excited about what's going on in their body as I am I end up leaving the session feeling like it was me on the table. I float out of the room sometimes. It rules. Everyone needs bodywork. It's not a luxury. Sometimes it can be, of course. But one should not think of a massage as a pampering event. Why wouldn't you want to improve your posture? decrease pain? become relaxed? etc etc. There is really nothing that goes on in your body that is not positively affected by soft tissue manipulation. Do you have insurance? More and more these days are covering massage. GO GET SOME!

After work at Paoli I made a house call. Then headed to The Dragon Gym. My good friend Kari met me there and we did some stuff. I rocked out another 44 sets 15:15. She did 30 sets. This is a girl who has not used Kettlebells for very long at all. She said she felt like a warrior! Hell yes!

After my and Kari's workout I trained the mother/daughter duo Susan and Taylor. They do not cease to amaze me as well as themselves. Many times we let numbers dictate what we think we can do. These two femmes are easily rockin the 16kg. And Taylor is like 12!!! She is frickin strong. Keep it up ladies!!! You rule!

It feels damn good to help people feel good. Now if I could just get someone to give me a massage...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today is Tuesday

Let me start out by clearing something up. This blog is like an online journal for me. It's not just about posting what my workouts are, like many of my fellow bloggers. I may rant a little. I may post some personal things. Ahem. So, it's whatevs. Tales of a badass hippie include a plethora of facets of my existence. Read on if you like! If not, it's all good. I'll never know anyway.

So. I'm currently asking myself, "Self, how are things?" And I reply: "I'm doin' good!"Or well I should say. (I heard once that if you talk to yourself it's no big deal. It's when you start having a conversation with yourself that it's a sign of mental illness) I make an attempt every now and then to be grammatically correct. Might not always be politically correct or ethically correct, so why not start with grammar? Although, I'm sure that paragraph has multiple errors.

Saturday: St. Valentine's Day. Do you know what the deal is with that holiday? Do some research even if you think you know. Anyhoo. I gave 5 hour long massages. Actually one was 75 minutes long. I made it. Long day for sure, but I made it. 5 is the limit. Afterwards I attended an Anti-Valentines Day party. Wasn't really much of a theme goin' on there. More like a normal get together, eat drink, be merry. There was some Rock Band thrown in there too. I sang Disturbed, Modest Mouse and?? Not sure. Fun indeed. Another entertaining aspect of the gathering were some dudes that were there. These guys work out at Iron Sport I believe. We chatted a little about Kettlebells. I believe the conversation started out with 5 guys standing in front of me with one asking his buddies about "the Kettlebell rule". Apparently Kettlebells are for people who can't lift! Aahahahhahahaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. That was a good one. I'm sure it was in jest, partly. But not fully. Well, I voiced my side. I also challenged. No one took the bait. Figures. Tee hee. Did I scare anyone? Well if I did, this time I liked it. Heh. The night was really great overall except for the pizza, cookies and cake I ate. I have been eating so clean lately that those items didn't really jive with my system. Wasn't a disaster, but let's just say my detox system is working just fine these days. Warrior Diet! Boo yeah!

Sunday: I gave a massage. Drank some coffee and went to Ikea. I've been living with my bro and his girl since I returned a few months ago. I purged most of my belongings after leaving the Rocky Mountain State. So, my clothes have been in piles around the perimeter of my room. Does not lend to feeling nice about walking in to my sanctuary. I made some quick cash from the bodywork and decided to make a detour on the Blue Route a couple exits past mine. Ikea RULES. I have not been to one in years. I purchased two dressers for $100! And bamb! It's like a new room. I love building stuff. I also enjoy organizing...somewhat.

Monday: Massage at Paoli Chiro. On my break I head to the Dragon Gym to do my VO2. Door's locked. Grrrr. I go to Circuit City instead. They're going out of business. I got some music. Music, sweet music. Back to work. Booked solid evening. Went back to the gym and grabbed a couple bells by their horns and took them back to the Wayne-stead. It took a little for me to motivate myself through this workout. 8pm. Done work for the day. Hungry. I pushed out 44 sets anyway. Boo yeah.

Today: Bikram at 5:30am. Awesome. Return home, meditate. Nap. Head to Valley Forge to teach some bells. Shop at Trader Joes. Then off to my class at the Dragon Gym. My mom has been taking my class! She is(was) basically sedentary. Well, today she's using the 12kg like a pro. Good job Mom. Soon, you will be a badass like your offspring. Heh.

Ok, it's that time. I should sleep. I'm adding to my Kettlebell education tomorrow morning at 7am. Then more massaging. Paoli, then a house call. Then, I'm going to pick up some Phish tickets. Oh yes.

Please enjoy what you can this evening, morning, noon and night. Thank the universe or whatever you want for all the shizzle you have. It's a good thing to do.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Music music music

I want Ray LaMontagne tickets and Kings of Leon tickets. I didn't buy them. I'm paying bills. What's $50 every now and then for a ticket to awesomeness? What? I'm supposed to be saving my money? Oh, I'm supposed to be looking for an apartment? Oh, right. Ok. Well screw the live tunes then.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scary is good. Sometimes

So I consider myself a badass. Other people do too. Ok. That's fine. But I am not trying to scare anyone. I think that may be the case sometimes. I'm a chick. I train. I'm getting pretty fit again. This one vein started showing up in my forearm today. Not sure that that kind of thing is a goal. Sigh. But then there are days where I like that kind of shit. I notice something about myself and think, sweet! that's cool. I inspire. I frighten. I intimidate. Intimidation is something that's been part of my outward effects just from natural phenomena I have no control over. My height, my broad shoulders, my deep voice. See all of that stuff sounds manly. Couple that with the vein thing and being a badass in the gym and what do you get? Someone a little self concious about all of her masculine traits. Then I go back to F it. I like being strong. I like being fit. I like doing stuff that dudes can't do. Maybe once there is actually a dude in the picture then these things won't be construed in the same way. Yeah, I think that's it. I don't care about scaring people per se. I care about scaring my future mate away. He's just gonna have to be equally scary...

In the meantime I'm gonna keep doing all this super sweet stuff I've been doing. 

Monday I got in another VO2 session: 50 sets 15:15 w/12kg. 

Tuesday. Oh sweet geezus, Tuesday. I did it to myself. So I got a Bikram 10 pack!! Went 9:30am for the 90mins. Had the worst class yet. So many distractions. Never before did people leave the room during class. This time maybe 4 different people! Then this semi crazy lady came in late. Where did she post up you ask? Why yes, right next to the Badass Hippie. Everyone was all over the place. Falling out of postures, making weird sounds, people were just not in the zone. So, neither was I. Damnit! Oh well. Not every day can be a good one. I still felt awesome afterwards. So then, I had my weekly Tuesday KB session where I am the student. Sweetness. Well, sort of. I worked on my pistol, which sucks but poop occurs. Next! House call in West Chester. Next! My KB class in Exton. Next! A yoga class I forgot I agreed to attend, it being my good friend Annie teaching as this UBER SWEET yoga studio: Turks Head Yoga in West Chester. And I passed on doing a set of VO2 because I would have been "overdoing it". Needless to say I was (am) sore. But I'm a machine! A warrior princess! A BADASS HIPPIE! Yes. 

Wednesday I gave some massages and did my minimum VO2: 30 sets. Trained the mother daughter KB duo Susan and Taylor at the Dragon Gym and got in a little socializing before heading back to Wayne. I got jazzed up talking to this cool dude Martin about astrology, The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy. In a stoner voice "It's all connected man"

Today I rose from slumber to attend the 5:30am Bikram class. This would be the second time I voluntarily got out of bed at 5am to go to yoga. Crazy. Crazy good! Gave some more massages and taught my KB class. Then stayed for another hour of KBs. MMMM. Am I over doing it? Eh. 

Tomorrow I have another weekly session as a young grasshopper and then, yep, you guessed it! Give some massages! It's Friday the 13th tomorrow. Ooooohhhhhh nooooo. Whatever. 

Saturday, I'm scheduled to give 6 massages at Ame. That's too many. I'm supposed to give another after I'm done! Ahhhhh. I might need to bail on that one. Well postpone it. Sorry Wendy/Jaime. I'll get ya. But really. 7 one hour massages in one day is not a good thing. 

Oh! I've just about finished reading the Warrior Diet. I've also been practicing for a bit. It rules. Apparently it's showing. I got some comments from people who's input I greatly value in the last few days. Not to mention the whole vein thing. Here's a good one to tell people when you are talking nutrition: more people commit suicide with a fork than with a gun.

You could say one might be grabbing the bell by the horns...

I'm rockin' on wit my bad self. Indeed. 


Tune in next time to the Jen Show where she will be discussing how she gave 80 million Valentine's Day massages while being secretly bitter. What the hell Cupid? What did I ever do to you? "Love never dies of starvation, but often of indigestion" It's gonna be both for me. Who has some ginger and peppermint?

Time for dreaming. After some meditating. And tea. And spirals. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FMS: Full Moon Session

Sure, the combination of those letters is also an acronym for Functional Movement System. Ooops.

So, I have not trained since Wednesday. Thursday I worked all day and then headed to a show. Friday woke up feeling like poopie. I recouped in the morning and then headed to Paoli Chiro for my weekly meeting at 1 and shift at 3.  Headed to Whole Foods got some grub and had a mighty feast. Following that I watched Children of Men and then the Second half of Braveheart. TV can be good for some things I guess. 

Saturday I worked all day again. By all day I mean showing up at 8am to give an undetermined amount of massages. This day happened to include 5. That was the most scheduled in one day in a while. That's the limit really, for minimum 60 minutes of bodywork. During one session my thoughts wondered to my old job waiting tables at Teca in West Chester. On my gracious half hour lunch I checked my phone to find a voicemail from my old boss at Teca!!! He needed my help. I haven't worked there but one time since returning to PA in November. I put in a good 10 years of restaurant service. I am over it. Well, almost. I decided to help out. Make a guest appearance. Why not offer myself up to some more uber lucky people? Ha. Brought in another $100 and some!!! Worth it. Seeing some old faces and knowing I'm not stuck in that place made it a good time. 

So needless to say I didn't get a workout in Saturday either. I considered squeezing in a VO2 before shipping off to the next job, but considering how poopie I felt Friday I didn't want to waste myself into a useless blob. 

Woke up this morning to the sun shining. Got myself a cup of blueberry green tea and a shower and headed to my weekly Sunday housecall. Had no idea I was going to walk out to about 65 degrees! Bangin'! I wore my Chocos today baby. Oh yeah. After the massage I thought a workout in the sun would be fabulous. It didn't happen. Instead I went to Trader Joe's in Ardmore. It was crazy in there! Crazy. Full moon influence or just the nature of that sweet store? Loaded up on the goods for a weekish worth of goodies and headed home. Trained indoors with Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain pushing me through 50 sets for the VO2. Went well. Better than I thought. I upped my days/week so it makes sense. I would like to work towards some pull ups and pistols. It's been a while.

Things are good. Feelin good. People want me to train them with Kettlebells and other people want me to give them bodywork. Today alone I scheduled 4 massages!!! F yeah! Bikram 10 pack here I come. Ray LaMontagne ticket here I come too! Woo HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Speaking of music. Phish reunites for 3 shows in VA in less than a month! I'm going with or without anyone else. It will be EPIC. That's an understatement. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Feelin' It Friday

Although it's technically not Friday anymore, today was harsh. The aftermath of last night was not something I would like to repeat. Don't get me wrong, last night was awesome. The Black Keys at the Electric Factory ROCKED. It was the fact that at about 3 in the afternoon I felt a little twinge in the back of my throat. I know what that is, but haven't felt it in a long time. The beginnings of a sore throat indeed. Well, this was not going to hinder my plans for music. So, I continue on. Didn't really eat too much all day(gonna make an attempt at the Warrior Diet, details to come) and commenced drinking of alcoholic beverages. Needless to say the throat issue did not completely disappear, although it was filtered out of my senses momentarily. After the show I made a confession which felt great to get out but did not provide any other positive results other than a weight lifted from my shoulders.

So let's see-drinking, purging(verbally), not enough water, sore throat. You can imagine what I felt like when I woke up this morning. Head pounding, throat swollen, dry as the desert and a deflated ego. All of those things do not make for a welcoming morning. My British buddy Chuzzy RKC sent me a Churchill quote: When going through hell, keep going. I wouldn't consider today hell, but it did not feel nice.

Should have trained today. I took the day to recuperate. And that is exactly what I did. I feel a million times better. Water, vitamin C, coffee, music, bodywork and I'm good as new. Had an awesome meal this evening and now I'm off to slumber before another day of massage.

I didn't get Ray tickets, yet. Must pay rent and school loan and phone and Bikram and and and....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I love music like I love cheese

Ever see the saying: "Music is my religion"? Well, this may be the case for me. I've seen hundreds of live shows. I've been to multiple festivals big and small. I'm now battling with whether or not to buy Ray LaMontagne tix to the Tower Theater show in April. The thing is I have bills. I'm trying to be more responsible dangit. But he is AWESOME. Such a soulful voice. I've seen him twice before solo style. You know someone is a fan when they go to a show by him/herself. Actually I've done this many a time. You might say I am comfortable hanging out with me, myself and I. So do I be irresponsible to replicate the feeling of my soul expanding by listening to Ray's voice live? Still not sure.

On the upside I will be seeing some sweet live music this Thursday. The Black Keys are playing at the Electric Factory. Mmm hmmm. I got tix in honor of celebrating the entrance into a third decade of life on this planet (W2's). Bonus for me I get to see some tunes too! This will be my first show back on the east coast. I'm gosh darn excited!

The angel on my shoulder is telling me I'll get more chances to see Ray. The devil says take every chance you can get. LIVE! He also says I should reward myself for doing 500 snatches last night. Grrrr. I'm going to go move some bells right now and contemplate this minute dilemma.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do spirals go down?

NO! I've been in an upward spiral.

I've been consistently training with Kettlebells at least 5 days a week, meditating almost every day, eating fabulously, not boozing too much (did have a couple ragers here and there), stretching more, getting into some Bikram, reading, writing, and spending time with fam and friends. Awesome. Just awesome.

Overall, since returning to the east side things have really just come together. Upon returning, I have had jobs (yes plural) given to me, a place to stay offered indefinitely, a car to drive and other things like this that just keep happening. It seems that every time I need something it has manifested itself to me in the last 6 months. This phenomenon has been referred to synchronicity, yes? Or perhaps I am really good at The Secret and I don't know it. Apparently the more you notice it, the more it happens. Well you can bet I believe that last tidbit!

It's all quite awesome. Part of why I am a fan of spirals. It's a pattern that is very common in nature. Everything spirals out of something else. The universe for example. Everything is connected man blah blah blah. I dig it. Do you? Now, not everything is perfect (have you met my boyfriend? neither have I) but things are definitely good. It's been a selfish cycle, but necessary. You need to take care of #1 first, right? Then everything else is a little easier. At least that's what I hear.

Oh, I do not believe I mentioned I GOT PHISH TICKETS! Yes, oh yes. On Friday. Then I did 40 sick sets 15:15 with the 12kg. They felt good, real good. Another VO2 is comin at me tomorrow. I think 50 is in the cards again. We shall see.