Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a day!

We started the day with a little cleaning up of Apartment A in Ardmore. A little granola with dates and a cup o' joe.
Biked to my weekly Tuesday session with Uncle Ernie. Workin' towards the pull up. Half-ups with 16, 20 and 24. Presses with 20 and 24. Hollowed pull ups with assistance. Biked to the library. Biked home.
Enjoyed a home blended protein smoothie. Mmmmmm.
Off to the park to enjoy the sun and some books. Finished Autobiography of a Yogi today. Good stuff. Though while enraptured I disregarded the fact that I didn't put any sunscreen on and was lounging in a bathing suit. Needless to say my rump is rouge.
Homeward bound.
Enjoyed a little lounging around. Don't get to do that as often as I would like.
Snack of baby carrots and then some asparagus in EVOO and sea salt.
Off to teach class. Swings, get-ups, more swings and a few snatches. Couple planks in there too.
DL: 225x2 for 3 sets. My goal is 340 by the TSC in Sept. Think I can do it? I do. B-)
Homeward bound. Only to get my headphones and MP3. Then off to Haverford HS track.
Modified (wo)man-maker: 20 20kg SN L/R, 400 barefoot meters, 25 20kg one arm swing L/R, 400 barefoot meters, 15 20 kg SN L/R, 400 barefoot meters, 25 20kg one arm swing L/R, 400 barefoot meters.
Walked approx 100 yards into the venue with the 20 racked on the right. Walked back to the Exploder racked on the L.
Homeward bound.
Two overflowing veggie burritos and some cherries for dessert.
Sipping on a cup of Trader Joe's Mint Melange before bed.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Benefit recap

Short but sweet:


In the short time to prepare Brian Petty RKC and soon to be Diana Volante RKC put on a heck of a show.
10 RKCs. About 30 participants in class.
A pile of stuff to send the boys and girls over in Afgan.
Tons of loot donated.

We done good.

It was exciting! That was the largest group I've taught!

I'd post pics but my camera battery died about 20 minutes in to the day:( Someone's gonna send me some video and pics any day now. Can't wait to see them.

Also can't wait for October. The first east coast cert is in my freakin back yard!!!

See you all soon!!!!!!!!
Rock on.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Snatchtastic Thursday

That's right. Snatchtastic! Success on the Dragon Gym mat/floors indeed. Everyone in class was snatching like pros by the end of class. There was some struggle as there always is, but we all did it. Some, leaps and bounds more than others. Mom Morey for example snatched a 12kg the entire class! Diana rocked a 16kg for the first time!

We started with deadlifts, moved to swings, then cleans, pressed a few times, and finally. THE SNATCH. DL for patterning, swings for hard style lock out, (how many times did I say the words knees and butt?) the clean for the distance of the bell in front of the body as well as the elbow leading the snatch negative, the press for the lock out and BAM! Great job everyone.

After class I revisited the platform. I've neglected to DL with a barbell for a few days now. I pulled 225 easy. Then thought, what the hell? Why not throw on a couple 25s? It happened alright. First time ever I pulled 275!!! With no warm-up but one pull of 225. Prob not the best idea, but too late now.

I'm gonna do the TSC indeed. Gots to get my pull-ups on. I started tackling them today. W2's got a TAPS bar. I couldn't do one appropriately on my own. Stay tuned. That will change no doubt:)

See you all at the KB Benefit for the Marines tomorrow! Come by, it'll be fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What up?

Here's what's been up with me:
My KB sensei has been out of town for a bit, so I decided to up my intake of Bikram's gift to the world. Made it easier to get my money's worth on the unlimited intro week for $20. So, backed off the bells, which is always good to do once in a while ya know?

Never been to a first friday, but heard about 'em a bunch. This fabulous woman just started workin' at the spa with me. She invited me. Good times indeed. It was she that also helped to make dining on the scrumptous African food a reality as well. Thanks Valerie. You rule. Oh, that same evening included a tarot reading by Val's friend, Deborah. She rules as well.

The 4th took me to the Eckerts'. They have been throwing down annually for the celebratory day of independence for the last 8? years or so. F yeah!

So the lack of 'belling still kinda got to me. I decided to try a 5 minute snatch test for the fun of it. Haven't been snatching lately either. I figure, what the hell. 5 minutes switch every 25: 165. I'm not really sure where that is in the world of results. Oh, 12kg btw. That's what the ladies use in the TSC right? Well, novice division. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna do the TSC this Sept. Pull-up training starts for seriousness this Friday.

I'm now wondering what my role will be in the KB Benefit for the Marines this Saturday at one of my 3 places of employment: The Dragon Gym. It's in Exton. You goin? You should. Then go to the Twilight Criterium bike race in West Chester. I'll be giving chair massage at the Paoli Chiropractic Group table. (another employer)

K. Tis late. Must sleep before I head to my third place of employment tom morn. (Ame Spa) Then teachin' my class. Everyone's been doing fabulously lately. Really well. Brendan and Charlie have been rockin' it. It's nice to have some guys in class for once. No offense ladies:) You still rule the school.