Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good times. Good tunes.

I have been meaning to post more than once a week. Everything in cycles yeah?

So I've been doin stuff and things. I would like to highlight the art museum workout this past Thursday. 5 RKCs, myself included. 2 of those were my 2 favorite Big Ws. Will Williams Sr. RKC and Dave Whitley Sr. RKC. (double w) It was a kick ass time. Kettlebells do make everything better. Phil Scarito RKC had a shirt proclaiming that message.

After the steps I snatched a 32kg! First time ever. Windmilled it too. The rep wasn't that pretty, but it happened. I didn't kick my hip out enough.

Later, of course, beers were downed. This is a theme when RKCs gather. Good times. Always. Sleep didn't come until about 5am.

Now I am off to see Ray LaMontagne. I did end up getting a ticket. Just yesterday as a matter of fact. 6th row! BAM! I'm going solo. This will be the 3rd time I've seen him solo. He makes my soul expand. You should listen.

K. I'm off! Gonna stop at the Joe first. I haven't been in two weeks! That's cause last time I spent $88!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Loved every bit of it too.

Love you long time everybody. Tomorrow: Bikram, bodywork, bodywork, cheese and beer with my BFF Ashley. Things to look forward to.

OH! I am also excited about 4 of the 8 kettlebells that have arrived on my doorstep. Radical.


  1. Good job with the 32! :)

  2. Does your mail/UPS/FedEx guy hate you? LOL