Monday, June 15, 2009

Well well well.

Fancy seeing you here. My internet connection that is. I am now located in MY living room. Just happens to be in MY apartment. Good stuff.

Man, how long has it been? A while indeed. Let's review. I'm not going all the way back. Just a few days. Some highlights:

Sunday June 7th: Bikram Yoga, PHISH live at Camden.
Monday June 8th: 40 sets VO2 12kg. Been slacking on VO2 BIG time.
Tuesday June 9th: Taught 2 KB classes. New students every class for almost the last 4 weeks!!!
Wednesday June 10th: Trained my prodigy Taylor. She says I'm very influential. Maybe I should be more mindful;) Just kidding. Sort of.
Thursday June 11th: Gave an awesome healing session to one very Earthy Earth Child at the spa. Sometimes I forget that I'm a healer. It's nice to be reminded.
Friday June 12th: Sat around all day waiting for Verizon to come to my house and hook up my internet that should have been working on the 2nd. Never came. Cleaned instead.
Saturday June 13th: Received a letter from the IRS. Apparently I didn't file my taxes in 2007. Ooops. Good thing I still have my w2s. Stupid government.
Sunday June 14th: Early Dad's day celebration. Bike ride and burger in Jim Thorpe, Pa. Cool spot. You should go. Practiced my bass for the first time in a couple months. Felt good.
Monday June 15th: 10, I say TEN massages at Paoli Chiropractic. Perhaps I'm doing a good job? They weren't all hour sessions btw.

Some other random things: Watched Tupac: Resurrection. Reading Autobiography of a Yogi. Bought Siddhartha. Made dinner from a Rachel Ray recipe. Plan to spray paint my bells purple. Kissed someone!!! Smoked a cigarette!!! Which of those last two am I lying about? Or am I lying about both? Or am I lying about neither?

Seriously though,
Please take the time and make an effort for the following:

Don't worry, I'll remind you:)


  1. You are lying about seeing phi$h! Garcia has been gone for years.

    You are telling the truth about verizon. They will NEVER show and bill you twice.

  2. Anonymous, you seem to be slightly confused. Let me know if you need help with clarification;)

  3. Really? I thought for sure that Garcia had passed on. I wonder whose grave that was that I sprinkled pot seeds on?

  4. Yes Jerry is looking down on us from above. He was never a member of Phish. That is where you may have been slightly confused. Every member of the Grateful Dead which Jerry was a member still tours to this day. They call themselves The Dead. Comprende?

  5. I can't believe you actually responded to that person :)

  6. I am even more confused now. I thought that after Garcia phi$h lost a couple members in a plane crash and were done and that phi$sh and the dead were bitter enemies after they accused each other of drive by shootings. It was only through intervention from the rap community that there was not all out war.

  7. I'm sorry, you are totally right. My bad. Just keep listening to music.

  8. Did you hear about Michael Jackson? Now he is gone too. I wore purple all week to honor his memory.