Thursday, April 30, 2009


How's it goin? I'm doing fabulously, thanks. I'm almost completely moved into my new apartment. Although, I still have to recruit someone to help me move one last piece of furniture. I've been driving around with my tall dresser in the Explorer (which will be mine in 4 easy payments of $500 thanks to my bro Josh) for about 4 days now. SOMEONE HELP! I've been really close to having a couple people help me. Darnit. Soon, I will be able to start really decorating. I've been busy shopping for this that and the other thing. Have I ever mentioned I love shopping? I'm quite the frugal shopper as well.

So, I've been slacking again on my VO2. Only got 2 sessions in last week of 40 sets each. It's my own fault. I show up to the gym before class to do my sets and don't give myself enough time. Then I use the excuse of the apartment.....Although I did workout in the alley on Tuesday night in the dark. Just 50 sets. Should be at least 60. It's all good. I haven't given up.

Had 2 new ladies sign up for KBs at the Dragon Gym!!! WOO HOOOOO. They are doing rather fabulously as well. As are my Moms and her best friend Nancy. I wish I could show my clients other people that have taken significantly longer to pick up the skills they have to further motivate them. They think I'm ruffling their feathers sometimes. In reality they are ROCKING IT! Taylor is still rocking it too. She just got her gymboss in the mail yesterday. How exciting indeed!

Tonight will be yet another trip to the art museum steps. All are welcome. Sizes, shapes, skill level, flavors. You know:) Last time we made a post workout trip to the Rusty Nail for some brews with the crew. I happen to now live about 3 blocks from there. Maybe we will repeat?

Until next time. Come visit. Should I have a house(apartment) warming party? Yeah

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greetings from Ardmore!

I'm now in my new apartment. Actually, I am at the library, but I live all by my lonesome! Unfortunately I do not have internet access at my home so I will perhaps be responding to email as well as posting less often.

See you all soon.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I found an apartment!!!

I am going to be living by my lonesome as of this weekend!!!! F YEAH!!! Actually I will be living with my fat furry little Pickle. She's an orange tabby cat. She rules. I haven't lived with her since July!! What a horrible parent I am. Soon Pickle, soon.

Please come over and visit. I love having guests. Especially if you are hot. Being tall, funny, smart, strong and a lover of music also lend to my enjoying your company.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's talk about today

Today was a good day. I woke up naturally to find it to be an hour before the Bikram class I wanted to partake. Perfect time to wake up a little and embark. I tell ya though, there were some mornings I awoke at 5am and dressed myself and rolled on over for the 5:30am class. That's another thing entirely.
So, Bikram has been very interesting. There is a new teacher. Her name is Sarah. She just moved back to the area from Boulder, CO! Sound familiar? Right. Well, she's great. The only slightly negative thing is her lack of time management. This was only an issue one day for me because I had somewhere to go after class. Otherwise, I don't mind she goes over.
Anyhoo, she made a really great point today. The first few classes she mentioned how she thought to herself, "this is easy!" The next thing she said was "I realized I wasn't doing anything" This is rather true. The first two classes I remember thinking the same thing. I made it through alright. I chalked it up to being athletic. But in reality I was not aware of how off I was through some of the postures.
So now that I know what I am supposed to do it's a whole new ball game. The combination of knowing what you should be aiming for and knowing what you did last class puts this other layer into the practice. It's difficult to go backwards in some postures from class to class. Mentally difficult that is. I am very competitive. Especially with myself. It's been a journey and a half accepting things in class. Accepting things off the mat as well. It's great when the activities that I invest my time in transfer to everyday life. I mean in a beneficial way. Turns out, almost everything I do has some positive carry over. What a fabulous thing to realize!
Yoga. Do it. It's good.
One thing that rules. I can actually do the locust pose (salabhasana) now. Crazy how much it hurt me elbows the first dozen or so classes. "lock your knees, lock your knees, lock your knees and change"

The rest of my day included a fabulous shower, some pampering, music downloading, a walk to check out an apartment I'm looking at tomorrow, some guy pulling over and telling me I'm adorable (uber flattering), cup of coffee, paid some bills, succulent dinner, bike ride, rediscovering the best tortilla chips ever at Whole Foods and voila. Bloggity blog blog.

Been keeping up with my VO2. Especially after reading Kenneth Jay's Viking Warrior Conditioning. Funny how the idea that reading about things makes you have more appreciation for them. Riiiiiiiiiight. (thanks for taking pics of me Susan)

Speaking of which, I need to get Bikram's book. I can't buy anything else right now though. I paid for a plane ticket to CO, Doc Cheng's workshop, and bills. I might be getting an apartment tomorrow! Ever hear of that thing called a security deposit? Yeah, me too. NO MORE SPENDING. Although, nothing has been frivolous. Except maybe the CDs I purchased yesterday. But music is my religion! And it was national independent record store day. Support what you believe right? Yes.
4/20 tomorrow. Remember Columbine. And then celebrate your existance with some of Earth's finest. I will be. As well as celebrating the joy of music. Reggae you say? John Brown's Body? The Note in West Chester, Bam's place is where I'll be tomorrow evening. Indeed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I feel like the weather

Dreary. Drizzle fo shizzle. Don't mind rain, especially after being in Colorado where it rains for a total of about 5 minutes at a time. Just feeling melancholy. I'm looking for an apartment and the word lost comes to mind. I am in limbo. Don't know where I'm going. Need to find a place by June. Not sure what I should agree to pay. Not sure how far away I should agree to live (from my jobs). I can be impulsive. Apartment hunting and impulsive behavior should not go hand in hand. There are potentials. I've seen 3 in person. I just don't know what exactly I'm looking for. If I did then I would have something to base my decisions off. We shall see. I'm not in jeopardy of being thrown on the streets or anything.

I'm going to work out some of my frustration during my VO2 workout today.

I'm to do 66 sets today. Woo! Kind of. It's easier to accomplish when there's other stuff going on. Such as people to distract me from looking at how many more sets I have left. It also helps to focus on one set at a time. Or another way to think about it as Will Williams SR RKC has said: it's not 528 snatches. It's 1 snatch 528 times. That's how many I'm doing today. Then I'm teachin' my class. I think I'm gonna go do that now. Leave it to kettlebells to make you feel better. At least for me.

Rock on.

Soon to be living the bachelorette life...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm in love with a foam roller

Everyone needs one. So go get one. They are not that expensive. Work some of your tension and adhesions (knots) out yourself. The ones you can't get to, I will! I do make house calls you know...

So I'm back into my VO2 full swing. 4x this week. Today was 60 sets. System of a Down helped me out. I don't have too much trouble physically completing sets. It's more mental. There is usually a wall that can be broken down. For some reason today's 60 was much easier than Tuesday's 60. Not really sure why. I gave 4 massages today before I trained. Tuesday I gave none. So, it's not the bodywork. It's the mental games I play with myself. They are in no way fun either.

I prefer your typical game. Perhaps a nice game of Chutes and Ladders? Candyland? Life? Yes. Those are good times. Maybe a little flashlight tag? Hide and seek in the dark. Indeed.

You want fun? Join us on the art museum steps Thursday the 30th at 7:30pm. 4 RKCs, one being yours truly. Kettlebells, swings, stuff and things! Rock on...

Here's a pic of our lovely looking crew from the class on the 2nd. We must go bigger and better next time! See you there! Or else. Muwahahaha...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Consider this...

I've been practicing thanking the universe and the Earth and whatnot every time I eat. Everything I've been ingesting lately has been a direct result of natural Earthly happenings. Nothing processed aside from the occasional whey protein shake. (MmmmmMuscle Milk sure knows what they're doing!) I was rather glad when Ori Hofmekler (author of the Warrior Diet) included whey protein in his list of acceptable foods to eat.

So it occurred to me that everything that I eat was once living. (no, not a new realization) Blah blah blah, right? NO. Why don't people freak out when veggies are killed to be eaten? What about fair treatment of my eggplant? Someone might have slapped my carrots around a little too much and I wasn't there to see it. Get what I'm saying? Yes, animals die for me. So do plants. And in doing so they all are fulfilling their purpose: to sustain life. Are cows and pigs and goats (oh my) just supposed to stand around and look pretty? No one cares if a head of lettuce gets thrown to the wayside. Why do we freak out about animals? Because they have eyes and a brain? Did you ever hear about people who talk to plants? They react to living things too.

At some point I am going to perish. When that fretful day arrives my remains will supply nourishment for some organism(s) somewhere. Do you really think that whatever eats me is going to thank me for living and dying so it can eat to live? Yeah, right. Well, I thank the plants and animals. I do recognize the fact that there is cruelty and chemicals out there, but I have just rediscovered the joy of eating pork and beef. I stopped eating them since the new year as an experiment. I wanted to see what my body thought. Maybe my skin would clear up. Nope. Worst its been ever! Maybe I would notice other changes. Nope. So, tonight I had two banging burgers from Whole Foods. Succulent. Last week Dave Whitley and I had a nice little (not really) WD meal. I asked him what he was getting. His reply? MEAT. It's been a while since I replied as my Big Bro of kettlebells did. Well, I went with the filet. AWESOME. I've come to the conclusion that I am to eat meat. I can do without, but I chose not to. Some do and I will not judge. It is quite possible to sustain a body of the gods without partaking in a cut of some meat. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for three years. Believe me, there are many many people who do not eat meat out there. I guess it's just some people's reasons for not that get to me. Pardon my rant by the way...

Everything is connected. Think food chain. Think the Lion King. Think spirals. Have you seen Pi?

Anyhoo. That was my dinner conversation with myself. That sounds lame. Or psychotic, depending on your viewpoint.

Feeling a little sore today. Not exactly sure why. Perhaps VO2 the last two days. Nothing active today besides giving 2 1/2 hrs of massage and a couple demos of the deadlift and swing. I'm getting back on track with the Viking Warrior Conditioning. I slacked for a little while there. I've been re-energized after finishing Kenneth Jay Master RKC's fabulous, and I do mean fabulous 100 pages detailing the sheer BADASSNESS that is. Thanks Willy, for lending it and aiding me in my quest to be a Warrior Princess. That's the only time I will ever admit I want to be the P word, when in conjunction with warrior:)

And now to manifest my new living arrangements. Although, I don't really know where I want to manifest my new abode. All I know is the mainline/rt 30 in PA is my starting ground. Malvern doesn't seem to be agreeing with my proposed plans. Will I need to commute a little more than I already am? UNIVERSE! Let's hear it! I have to be out of here in 6 weeks! I wouldn't mind being in my new spot in June. Thanks. See! I even thank the universe for things that were never living! Ha. Sorry. Give thanks for everything. It lends to more positive vibrations to come back to you. Ever hear of Karma? That's kinda what I'm talkin' bout. Throw in another spiral and what goes around comes around. Hippy stuff. Makes sense to me. K. Catchyaontheflip.

and remember: You rule.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good times. Good tunes.

I have been meaning to post more than once a week. Everything in cycles yeah?

So I've been doin stuff and things. I would like to highlight the art museum workout this past Thursday. 5 RKCs, myself included. 2 of those were my 2 favorite Big Ws. Will Williams Sr. RKC and Dave Whitley Sr. RKC. (double w) It was a kick ass time. Kettlebells do make everything better. Phil Scarito RKC had a shirt proclaiming that message.

After the steps I snatched a 32kg! First time ever. Windmilled it too. The rep wasn't that pretty, but it happened. I didn't kick my hip out enough.

Later, of course, beers were downed. This is a theme when RKCs gather. Good times. Always. Sleep didn't come until about 5am.

Now I am off to see Ray LaMontagne. I did end up getting a ticket. Just yesterday as a matter of fact. 6th row! BAM! I'm going solo. This will be the 3rd time I've seen him solo. He makes my soul expand. You should listen.

K. I'm off! Gonna stop at the Joe first. I haven't been in two weeks! That's cause last time I spent $88!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Loved every bit of it too.

Love you long time everybody. Tomorrow: Bikram, bodywork, bodywork, cheese and beer with my BFF Ashley. Things to look forward to.

OH! I am also excited about 4 of the 8 kettlebells that have arrived on my doorstep. Radical.