Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scary is good. Sometimes

So I consider myself a badass. Other people do too. Ok. That's fine. But I am not trying to scare anyone. I think that may be the case sometimes. I'm a chick. I train. I'm getting pretty fit again. This one vein started showing up in my forearm today. Not sure that that kind of thing is a goal. Sigh. But then there are days where I like that kind of shit. I notice something about myself and think, sweet! that's cool. I inspire. I frighten. I intimidate. Intimidation is something that's been part of my outward effects just from natural phenomena I have no control over. My height, my broad shoulders, my deep voice. See all of that stuff sounds manly. Couple that with the vein thing and being a badass in the gym and what do you get? Someone a little self concious about all of her masculine traits. Then I go back to F it. I like being strong. I like being fit. I like doing stuff that dudes can't do. Maybe once there is actually a dude in the picture then these things won't be construed in the same way. Yeah, I think that's it. I don't care about scaring people per se. I care about scaring my future mate away. He's just gonna have to be equally scary...

In the meantime I'm gonna keep doing all this super sweet stuff I've been doing. 

Monday I got in another VO2 session: 50 sets 15:15 w/12kg. 

Tuesday. Oh sweet geezus, Tuesday. I did it to myself. So I got a Bikram 10 pack!! Went 9:30am for the 90mins. Had the worst class yet. So many distractions. Never before did people leave the room during class. This time maybe 4 different people! Then this semi crazy lady came in late. Where did she post up you ask? Why yes, right next to the Badass Hippie. Everyone was all over the place. Falling out of postures, making weird sounds, people were just not in the zone. So, neither was I. Damnit! Oh well. Not every day can be a good one. I still felt awesome afterwards. So then, I had my weekly Tuesday KB session where I am the student. Sweetness. Well, sort of. I worked on my pistol, which sucks but poop occurs. Next! House call in West Chester. Next! My KB class in Exton. Next! A yoga class I forgot I agreed to attend, it being my good friend Annie teaching as this UBER SWEET yoga studio: Turks Head Yoga in West Chester. And I passed on doing a set of VO2 because I would have been "overdoing it". Needless to say I was (am) sore. But I'm a machine! A warrior princess! A BADASS HIPPIE! Yes. 

Wednesday I gave some massages and did my minimum VO2: 30 sets. Trained the mother daughter KB duo Susan and Taylor at the Dragon Gym and got in a little socializing before heading back to Wayne. I got jazzed up talking to this cool dude Martin about astrology, The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy. In a stoner voice "It's all connected man"

Today I rose from slumber to attend the 5:30am Bikram class. This would be the second time I voluntarily got out of bed at 5am to go to yoga. Crazy. Crazy good! Gave some more massages and taught my KB class. Then stayed for another hour of KBs. MMMM. Am I over doing it? Eh. 

Tomorrow I have another weekly session as a young grasshopper and then, yep, you guessed it! Give some massages! It's Friday the 13th tomorrow. Ooooohhhhhh nooooo. Whatever. 

Saturday, I'm scheduled to give 6 massages at Ame. That's too many. I'm supposed to give another after I'm done! Ahhhhh. I might need to bail on that one. Well postpone it. Sorry Wendy/Jaime. I'll get ya. But really. 7 one hour massages in one day is not a good thing. 

Oh! I've just about finished reading the Warrior Diet. I've also been practicing for a bit. It rules. Apparently it's showing. I got some comments from people who's input I greatly value in the last few days. Not to mention the whole vein thing. Here's a good one to tell people when you are talking nutrition: more people commit suicide with a fork than with a gun.

You could say one might be grabbing the bell by the horns...

I'm rockin' on wit my bad self. Indeed. 


Tune in next time to the Jen Show where she will be discussing how she gave 80 million Valentine's Day massages while being secretly bitter. What the hell Cupid? What did I ever do to you? "Love never dies of starvation, but often of indigestion" It's gonna be both for me. Who has some ginger and peppermint?

Time for dreaming. After some meditating. And tea. And spirals. 

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