Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Consider this...

I've been practicing thanking the universe and the Earth and whatnot every time I eat. Everything I've been ingesting lately has been a direct result of natural Earthly happenings. Nothing processed aside from the occasional whey protein shake. (MmmmmMuscle Milk sure knows what they're doing!) I was rather glad when Ori Hofmekler (author of the Warrior Diet) included whey protein in his list of acceptable foods to eat.

So it occurred to me that everything that I eat was once living. (no, not a new realization) Blah blah blah, right? NO. Why don't people freak out when veggies are killed to be eaten? What about fair treatment of my eggplant? Someone might have slapped my carrots around a little too much and I wasn't there to see it. Get what I'm saying? Yes, animals die for me. So do plants. And in doing so they all are fulfilling their purpose: to sustain life. Are cows and pigs and goats (oh my) just supposed to stand around and look pretty? No one cares if a head of lettuce gets thrown to the wayside. Why do we freak out about animals? Because they have eyes and a brain? Did you ever hear about people who talk to plants? They react to living things too.

At some point I am going to perish. When that fretful day arrives my remains will supply nourishment for some organism(s) somewhere. Do you really think that whatever eats me is going to thank me for living and dying so it can eat to live? Yeah, right. Well, I thank the plants and animals. I do recognize the fact that there is cruelty and chemicals out there, but I have just rediscovered the joy of eating pork and beef. I stopped eating them since the new year as an experiment. I wanted to see what my body thought. Maybe my skin would clear up. Nope. Worst its been ever! Maybe I would notice other changes. Nope. So, tonight I had two banging burgers from Whole Foods. Succulent. Last week Dave Whitley and I had a nice little (not really) WD meal. I asked him what he was getting. His reply? MEAT. It's been a while since I replied as my Big Bro of kettlebells did. Well, I went with the filet. AWESOME. I've come to the conclusion that I am to eat meat. I can do without, but I chose not to. Some do and I will not judge. It is quite possible to sustain a body of the gods without partaking in a cut of some meat. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for three years. Believe me, there are many many people who do not eat meat out there. I guess it's just some people's reasons for not that get to me. Pardon my rant by the way...

Everything is connected. Think food chain. Think the Lion King. Think spirals. Have you seen Pi?

Anyhoo. That was my dinner conversation with myself. That sounds lame. Or psychotic, depending on your viewpoint.

Feeling a little sore today. Not exactly sure why. Perhaps VO2 the last two days. Nothing active today besides giving 2 1/2 hrs of massage and a couple demos of the deadlift and swing. I'm getting back on track with the Viking Warrior Conditioning. I slacked for a little while there. I've been re-energized after finishing Kenneth Jay Master RKC's fabulous, and I do mean fabulous 100 pages detailing the sheer BADASSNESS that is. Thanks Willy, for lending it and aiding me in my quest to be a Warrior Princess. That's the only time I will ever admit I want to be the P word, when in conjunction with warrior:)

And now to manifest my new living arrangements. Although, I don't really know where I want to manifest my new abode. All I know is the mainline/rt 30 in PA is my starting ground. Malvern doesn't seem to be agreeing with my proposed plans. Will I need to commute a little more than I already am? UNIVERSE! Let's hear it! I have to be out of here in 6 weeks! I wouldn't mind being in my new spot in June. Thanks. See! I even thank the universe for things that were never living! Ha. Sorry. Give thanks for everything. It lends to more positive vibrations to come back to you. Ever hear of Karma? That's kinda what I'm talkin' bout. Throw in another spiral and what goes around comes around. Hippy stuff. Makes sense to me. K. Catchyaontheflip.

and remember: You rule.


  1. What's a WD meal? LOL And I didn't know you were avoiding meat :) LOL Bad Jen! Meat is your friend! EAT IT! Didn't Bri teach you anything??

  2. WD=warrior diet. I was not avoiding meat all together. Only cow and pig were off the menu for a bit. I was still eating chicken and fish. Although I inadvertently ate like a vegetarian for the first month or so of the year. It was just an experiment. Meat is good. Don't get me wrong:)

  3. HAHA Cow is always off my menu. I don't even think about it ... it's been about 10 years now :)