Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Universe is Awesome

I've been battling with myself a little lately. My adventurous side wants to go adventure some more. My responsible side says get yo shit together and then do some adventuring. Well, after Bikram today, which was ass kicking, I was giving myself a brief pep talk. Reiterating some goals I had set for myself by moving back to the East Coast. As I did this, the Sun broke through the clouds and shined directly on me for about 3 seconds and then went back in. Now, I'm not sure where you are located, but the sun has not been visible for some time now. It's a cloudy, rainy and drab day. I do believe that I received a little sign from the universe confirming that my pep talk was correct. I need to continue on that path. Do you believe things like that happen? And if so, has anything like that ever happened to you? (that you noticed) Something to ponder eh?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spiraling up!

Class frickin' rocked tonight! Me and the ladies (the ladies and I) all succeeded in pressing  a bell we previously could not. I pressed the 24kg! (I then proceeded to frolic, weeeee) Susan pressed the 20kg! Gretchen and Diana pressed the 16kg! And my moms pressed the 12kg no problem! It just feels so darn good to do stuff like that! Christmas! That's my exclamation that is not part of the long list of profanities I am known to divulge. For instance, after we all rocked it tonight in class, I mentioned the mental aspect of what we do with those bell thingies. I don't want to hear "I can't" or whathaveyou. In a nutshell my verbiage was as follows: "F****ing bulls**t". I was speaking in terms of using the previous negative statements. Don't let numbers stop you from doing something. Don't let your inner critic stop you from doing something. Slap that biotch in the face and cover up the numbers. It's you and the bell. It's your body and some weight. It's not a big deal! And we all proved it, yet once again. It's awesome to get people moving correctly. It's even better to help them prove themselves wrong. You all rock! 


I was chatting for a while with Diana tonight. Thanks again lady. You rule;) We both can attest to huge life changes because of bells. She lost a bunch of weight. I didn't or don't remember ever knowing her with the extra pounds. I'm pretty sure I was in Colorado when she embarked on the cast iron path. But today she is one fine momma! What 60 pounds? Inspiration to us all. She's still rockin' it. We have some pull-up goals we are workin' on. Now if we could just actually remember to DO them after class....But yeah, kettlebells changed my life too. And now, I'm seeing more and more people around me doing the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I've seen what kettlebells can do. I've been seeing it for years. But it's different when you see people multiple times a weeks for months change before your eyes. Fabulous. Just fabulous. 

So I just ordered like 9 bells to be delivered to my house! Someone is going to want to shoot me! Couple 12s, couple 16s, couple 20s. Some for me, my moms, her bff Nancy, Susan and Taylor, and Kari. BAM! I wanted to order a 24 for myself as well, but I'm thinking I may need to focus on a budget? Dangit! There's that word again. Doesn't seem to come to fruition. Although, I'm still saving my receipts. Yippee!

Here's another exciting kettlebell related topic. My big brother in kbs, Dave Whitley is coming to the Philly area next week. He was at my first meet, at my cert, was my team leader the first time he was a practicing Senior instructor when I was a first time assistant. He bent presses humans. I have multiple pictures. Actually, he may have pressed me.... Hmmmm. Not sure. Many a times socializing with kettlebell folk, we consume beers. That's plural. Plan on repeating that same thing next week. 

I hear there may be another art museum workout in the cards for next Thursday. For those of you who take my class, would you be interested on going to the city? Time is 7pm I believe. I would love for you to meet my two favorite Big Ws.     

Monday, March 23, 2009


How's it goin? That's good. Me? Oh, I'm just peachy. It's Tuesday 12:01am. I get to sleep in today. Woooo!!! There is a chance I may receive an early morn text alerting me to a scheduled training session. We shall see....

You missed a good weekend. I was there. Friday I met up with my coach, Randy. We chatted it up over yonder in The Cheddar (West Chester for those of you unfamiliar).

Saturday I got to chill with my Pops for a brief moment after workin' the spa action. Then I headed on over to some park I forget the name of an went for a little voluntary run again!?!?!? I'm not sure what's been coming over me. I've been choosing to run on my own accord? Maybe its the new kicks I got. They seemed to have helped my snatches as well. After the run, which was about a mile, I proceeded to spend the largest amount EVER at Trader Joe's. It must have been all the cheese... Mmmmmmm cheese. So I headed back to the Cheddar that eve for a merry old time. Slumber ensued at my home slices' crib over in D-town.

Sunday brought a rendezvous with Kari. We made our way down to the art museum steps and rocked it like Rocky. No bells between flights this time. Lucky for Kari! After was a little stroll through the Whole Foods, that I didn't know existed in Center City. Then cruised over to the Italian Market and finally made a stop on South St. I had to get me some yarrow sticks. I am about to embark on the traditional style I Ching reading after this post. After Philly it was back to Wayne. The day was not over! I accomplished my first in theater repeat of a film: The Watchmen. Ruled. That's that. Oh, I left out the rolling (bowling) and game of pool prior. Good times. Indeed.

There's a snipit of my activities of the last few days. Today I worked at the chiro's office. On my break I rocked a swing/c&p ladder with a 16, 20 and 24. 6 sets of 20, 15 and 10 swings. Two hand, single then double all twice. Then 2 sets of 5, 4 and 3 c&p all doubles. Had to push press the 24kg. Can't press those babies at this point.

Had a feast, watched a little Lost season 1 disc 4ish. And here I am. Next is contemplating what to ask the universe. I Ching, I would like a little guidance. That's what that yellow pic is up there. those are the 8 trigrams. Check it out. It's some cool stuff.

Have a marvelous evening everyone. I wish you strength, happiness and humor. Maybe a good night sleep too...Catchyaontheflip


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday was a low gravity day.

Do you ever have that feeling? More often than not, I have high gravity days. BUT! Yesterday I was pressing the 20kg like I've been doing that all along. Felt good. Felt real good....

Strength? Yes please. Thank you.

I'm off to the gym now. Training Taylor and Susan. The dynamic duo. What feats of strength will you surprise me with today ladies? And after, Kari. Let's get you repeating the phrase "I feel like a warrior!" That was just awesome.

Sushi to follow. F YEAH!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beware The Ides of March

WATCHMEN on Tuesday. Dude, it seriously was one of the best movies I've seen in the theater. I'm very thankful that my bro happened to have a copy for me to read before seeing the story translated to the big screen. Now I have my next desired Halloween costume. Not really keen on the high heels/skin tight leather thing, but it wouldn't be the first time. I was Trinity from The Matrix 3 times! I was also Wonderwoman. Gotta keep being badass chicks right? Right.
But yeah, this flick ROCKED. It very well may be the first movie that I repeat in the theater! Worth it. So worth it.

What else did the week provide? Hmmmm. Art museum workout that left me sore for days. It was epic though. Dinner at Kari and Adam's. Thanks you two! Ooooh! I got my pistol back on both sides on Thursday! I also got new kicks on Thurs too. I get excited about new shoes. After running the steps like Rocky on Tues in Chucks I figured I could spring for some more cush. I knew I was really excited about my Pumas because I voluntarily ran yesterday! I don't really run. Unless, like Brian says, I'm being chased. It wasn't too bad either. That happens every once in a blue moon. My knees weren't the happiest, still hurtin from Tues. But as you know, I am a machine. Ha!

Friday I cruised into the city to cheer on the boys from the Dragon Gym who fought in The Golden Gloves. That rocked. Made me want to box in the ring. Million Dollar Baby anyone? Sure! Well actually, I like training, but don't think I would like hitting some poor chicky in the face. Or vice versa, although I am a badass and would like to think that I wouldn't let anyone do that, but I am realistic. I'll keep to hitting stuff, not people's grills.

KB classes this week went marvelously. My Moms is doin' it up right! And the red haired duo is continuously surpassing their efforts of previous sessions. I may inspire Taylor, but she inspires me too! Not to mention her momma!

Gave a ton of massages this week and still not done. Today I gave 5 at the spa and then headed right on into a VO2 session of 40 sets. That's plenty for these forearms. Veins? Yep. Did a little grub shoppin' at Trader Joe's. I love that place. Came home and had one of my better feasts yet. My meal had every color of the rainbow! Trippy man. Started with a butter lettuce salad with cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing. Next was black bean soup with a smidgen of the best organic monterey jack cheese I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Then some lemon thyme chicken sausages (Whole Foods) with broccoli, butternut squash, red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion and the usual extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Oh, amidst the preparing were a few baby carrots dipped in garlic hummus from TJs. Dessert was plain yogurt with chunky apple sauce first. Then I indulged. I bought some organic milk and dark with almond chocolate. Little bit of sweet with a little spice of ginger tea while I watched the first disc of season 1 of Lost was quite fabulous. Just like Heroes, I had to start from the very beginning. Matthew Fox is hot. So is the other dude. Don't know his name. Maybe he'll be in my dream tonight like Sendhil from Heroes was last week...

As for tomorrow. I am going to Bikram for the first time in like 2 weeks I think. Yippee! Giving some bodywork and after that? Maybe a movie. Sounds good. See you there. I do not forsee any negative thing happening in regards to the Ides. Things are good. For some reason I always think of the Ides of March from 9th grade English class. Weird. Yes.

I leave you with a few more quotes I like:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"
"Concentration is the secret of strength" both by Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Be a warrior and arise. Great warrior arise" Bhagavad Gita

"To keep the body healthy is a duty...otherwise we cannot keep our mind strong and clear" Buddha

Rock on everyone. It's slumber time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I found what I was looking for

It's been four long years since the last time I experienced an evening of entertainment/enlightenment provided by the Phabulous Phoursome: PHISH. I had a realization their first night back (Fri). I realized that I always have realizations at Phish shows! Actually I had more than one realization. Another was acknowledging one specific reason why they have such a huge impact on me: When I am dancing, which is a form of expression I truly love, but I must add dancing to Phish is different and here's why: I am expressing myself 100% with no ego involvement. This is a rare situation. Although the majority of the time I don't give a rats behind what people think, there is that little voice that's way in the back there, making comments. For some reason, Phish throws that bitch out the door and slams it in her face!

You may have heard people speak of the "experience" of a live Phish show. You just have to be there to understand. Words do not seem to suffice. It's not just the music, its the roller coaster ride you embark on from the moment you arrive in the lot to the second you depart. Geezus, I wasn't even out of my car on the first night and realized I was driving in next to two buddies of mine from Colorado. Right in the car next to me!!! I saw about 12 people I knew at those shows in Virginia. All of them were from Colorado or California. I really thought I would see some East Coast peeps since I'm back on the East side. Eh. The world is a small place indeed.

Anyhoo, I basically cruised solo the entire time. I had some personal realizations as well as a few on a larger scale. I'm not going to attempt to describe them. Let's just say one of them involved a spiral! Yeah! Love spirals.

I was looking for that gift that they give (pure joy). Found it. I was looking for relaxation. Found it. I was looking for a vacation. Found it. It was like 80 degrees all weekend. Couldn't have asked for better weather. And that pure joy thing. How many times have you been so happy that you just had to laugh a joyous laughter out loud to the world? Well I had to, multiple times. Crazy. Music is a very spiritual thing for me. It's not about boozing and partying. Perhaps those things have been involved along the way at times, but this particular weekend, not so much. I recommend you see them this June. One guy after the show said it best. "I get it now" You don't have to come out a Phan, though most do, but you do have to come out with an appreciation for something that you will never find anywhere else. LIVE PHISH. Amen.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ahem. I've uh, gotten out from under that cloud.

Here's some inspiration I acquired today from this superb little gem of a book. These are quite fitting to many things I wrote about last night.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" Lao Tzu

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors" African proverb

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." The Buddha

"If you want a deep, intimate relationship with another, first become aware of who you are" William Haugh

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


WARNING: this is truly what I am deeming a puke post. As in bitch fest. Lame-o portion of my existence. If you don't want any of that, tune in later when I'm all bright and cheery again.

Why? Why ask why? Why not? Because I over analyze things. This leads to driving myself crazy. Although, it does also lead to enlightenment. Philosophers questioned everything. Why shouldn't I? That's how we know most of what we know today. (how do we know we really know something? there's one for the noodle) Not everything came to us in a dream like some of Einstein's et al's smarts. Here's a question Plato and Aristotle and Kant and Nietzsche and Descartes and Locke and Sartre didn't ask: Why does Jennifer Eve Morey give so much of herself?
Why do I have a hard time saying no? In years past it was more of an issue because I did not give enough TO myself. It made sense that the balance was off. These days though, I am taking very good care of me, myself and I. I've truly learned how important self care is. It is part of my life more now than ever. So how do I still give too much? And what is too much?
Perhaps it is a matter of the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I give because I want to receive. The problem is I feel I've not got as much of the 'what goes around comes around' as I would like. Or have I...? Almost like I need some justification for being generous with my time and energy. Money is not what I'm looking for either. I'm getting compensated monetarily for many of my efforts.
Perhaps I am just caught under a little rain cloud at the moment. (PMS is that you?) I do feel that Karma is no bitch. She has done me well as a matter of fact. I've stumbled across many an instance that is perhaps an 'answer' to my selflessness.
Hmmmmm. Might I be spiraling down into the lack of a badass counterpart again? Oh geeze. Here we go. I've got so much to give, but I'd rather have one main recipient to focus some of my overflowing benevolence for a while. That being said, they must deserve my awesomeness. And give back as much if not more damn it! Too many times. Too many times I have been blind. Or in denial, whatever you want to call it. I try to make someone worthy, when in reality they are not. Mind you, at this point I'm writing of a partner, not a person I come in contact with in daily life.
I really just need to simmer down. Seriously. I haven't even been back in PA for 4 months. In general, life is great. I have tip top health, shelter, uber good food, honorable professions, awesome friends, nearby family, a ticket to all 3 of Phish's reunion shows. What more can I ask for at the moment? Ok, let's not go there. Oh, wait. Way too late. I'm not going to type the L word. In a whiny little kid voice "but when is it my turn?" I've been told if you take care of yourself first, the rest takes care of itself. Well, exactly how long is that time frame? Ok, ok. I'm done. For now. Please excuse my rant(s) on this subject. All of this is what I want to spew when the many a people have asked "why don't you have a boyfriend?" Instead, what I say is: Good question! I don't freaking know! Maybe I'm destined to be a gypsy. Travel the world. A nun? Nah.

Apparently there is something else that needs to be done first. Hey, uh, Universe? Think I could get a little help here? Thanks for everything else in the meantime. Don't mean to be a pest or anything buuuuuuuut...... I'm thinking 4 years is long enough.

Well that sure spiraled into the void. Sorry folks. Gotta get it out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yes, indeed.

Greetings internet universe. As vast as you are I have not been a part of you as days recent. Well, I have returned. I am alive and well. A little sore, but hey. It's all good. Considering before this morning I did not put my hands on the horns of a kettlebell in a week! That's right folks. This trumps the longest time without touching a bell since my return. I fortunately did not stress about it. My wise friend/trainer enlightened me with the knowledge of rest being a good thing. I may forget this notion every now and then. Last Tuesday was my last session. Wednesday I attended yoga and Thursday I, along with 12 of my college friends, headed to Sugarbush Vermont to celebrate an entrance into a third decade. Friday was unusually warm for Vermont: 45? Rained a little in the afternoon, but we got some good runs in. Saturday was colder indeed. And you may gather that there was ice. You gathered right. After my second incident 'falling' I decided that was it. These were not your normal falls. Wasn't just about losing balance. I bit it hard. Then on my way back in along a flat stretch I caught an edge and went tumbling, again. This was the icing on the cake. I restretched whatever I stretched in right posterior rotator cuff back in '05. Not good! But, I recover quickly. Rocked out 60 sets VO2 style today and then had class for two hours. Went well. Better than I expected. I will say I was extremely sore from boarding. Did I mention that I boarded all weekend? Ooops. Anyway, I took advantage of the resort's hot tub and steam room. Solo! Was quite meditative. So were some runs I took solo. Anyhoo, good times indeed. I did have to bail on my Thursday class last week. But, last Tuesday I taught my class and the advanced class. Took the grasshoppers through a pistol progression I was shown earlier in the day. Who do you suppose had the most success? I'll tell you. The oldest man in the class as well as the youngest girl in the class. Not sure how old this guy is, maybe 50? He rocked it. Not a full pistol but more than anyone else did in that last portion of the hour. Miss Redhead Rockstar Taylor texted me later that night showing off her full pistol success. This girl is 12!!!! When I train her and her mom Susan they rock out with 16kgs!!! Awesome. Just awesome. Susan, you said it. Kettlebells are life changing.

Going to look at a potential new dwelling tomorrow in Malvern. Wish me luck. I could possibly work out of this place too. We shall see. Maybe I'll dream about it tonight. Dreams lately have been good, and some weird. I dreamt that I was dating Dr. Suresh from Heroes. I don't believe I've ever had a dream with a famous person before. It was cool. Too bad he's married and has a child. Ha! Maybe I can have a dream with Peter from Heroes next. That's the only series I've watched. Otherwise I don't really get too much of the brain rotting box. There have been some other dreams (that I actually remember), but perhaps are not appropriate for this realm. Most have been centered around a significant other. Well, at least I have one in my dreams. Hey look at what time it is! Time to enter the dream world.