Monday, May 11, 2009


Where have you been? I've been right here! Although, no internet access. And of course I received an email from a potential KB client as well as a potential bodywork client. Go figure. Now it looks like I'm a slacker because I haven't checked my email in like 4 days. Sorry everyone!!!

All in all, life is good. Do you agree? Are you alive? Are you breathing? Can you see, hear, touch, taste and feel? Then things are good indeed! It is a good idea to recognize how lucky you are if you have all of these things on a daily basis. Keep yourself in check, yeah?

If you have all of these things and would like to enhance them, even better! Do some reading. Write something. Make something. Exercise. Get some bodywork. Be awesome. What else is the point? Why just be? Why not be more?

There are definitely times where I don't feel like doing anything. Why should I exercise today? There are also times when I don't feel like eating right. Why wasn't it a good idea that I ate Rita's last night? Really, it's not a big deal that I did. But, sometimes one thing leads to another and 18 pounds of sugar later I am really regretting my decisions. In terms of physical activity, it's easier to stick with. You feel good after exercise. Well, you should. I do. I do not, however, feel good after eating crap. Yes, it may taste good. But then BAM! My stomach is like WTF? Why did you do that? And he talks to my GI and says, look at what she did! Let's get her!!!

I will tell you that I would much rather train with someone. It's been quite boring training by myself lately. Especially doing the Viking Conditioning. I took a stab at the D-Day workout last Weds. Went well. Not sure what that is? 25 snatch L/R then 400m or 1 lap around a track. Do that 3 more times and there you have it. 200 snatches and 1 mile. I'm thinkin' I may do another today. Although, I really should do another VO2 session. Last week I slacked and did only 2. 40 sets and 50 sets. LAME!!! I should be in the 60/70 range holding strong. Oh well. Life happens.

I'm gonna go work out right now as a matter of fact! Maybe a little heavy single leg deadlifts and then some VO2? Sounds good. Perhaps in the other order, not sure yet.

Do something stimulating to your being today! K? K. Good. See ya.

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  1. The last time you checked your email was on my laptop ... right before the screen decided to die. LOL I had to order a new one. You literally are the last one to use it before it's death! Hope you're week is going well and you're missing your favorite client/friend <3