Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boy I Tell Ya

Body movement, learning and relearning how to move the body is never going to end. At least that's what it seems like. I just attended the workshop Sandy Sommer RKC put together that Doc Cheng led. It was AWESOME. I am in no way one to say that I am a master at any of the kettlebell moves. Some may argue differently, but really, I pretty much tweaked every single aspect of every single thing I do with a kettlebell in one day. The first 4 hours of the workshop we were working on squat patterning. Definitely one of the most, if not THE most important aspect to get down before progressing with weight. That's right. Before weight. We really didn't touch a bell that much. Why not learn to move your body first before you add resistance? Yeah, sounds like a good idea.

So four hours eh? Yeah. 4. It was not boring. Not in the slightest. I relearned how to engage my body properly with first the 3 pries and then the remaining aspects of the hard style lock. Throw in the bretzle (thanks to Gray Cook), and there was indeed some tweaking there as well, and you've got yourself a rock solid linked body ready to move (hopefully). I know the soreness I am feeling today is from this portion, and again, we were not using bells for most of this.... RECRUIT FOLKS! Muscles that is...and watch how much work you can accomplish.

Another gem of info was the idea of the core as a can. It has a top and a bottom. We all have a diaphragm and a pelvic floor. Do you use them? Do you know what crocodile breathing is? Well, I do now.

Next was the get-up. A large time was devoted to this as well. And rightfully so. It is an amazing movement. Stability, mobility and a part of almost every one of the 7 tests in the FMS screen (if not all of them). Doc's version is the RKC standard. How lucky we all were to get his first hand instruction.

Later we worked, tweaked and rocked out on the swing, clean, pistol, bent press and the jerk!!! F yeah!

As a bodyworker and a graduate of a Kinesiology program I have a fair background in the body and it's workings. I also attended the RKC and CK-FMS. These two, after competing in power lifting, oly lifting and kettlebell sport. You would think that I have a pretty good grasp on things. Well, I do, but there is always more. And more and more and more.

Thank you Doc. I learned so much valuable information.

This weekend is the RKC II. I was originally planning on attending. I'm on the boat for next year. One of the crispiest noodles I know, Willy Will SR RKC will be there. I'll still get to reap the benefits when he returns to train little ol Jen.


Check out some pics

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yeah that's right.

All kettlebells, all the time. Almost. Maybe a little yoga. Some biking. Running. Yes, I said running. I am not really a fan. Or should I say I am becoming one? Doing woman-makers and running on the track has not been too shabby lately. A few times I also could be seen trail running in Valley Forge National Park. These days there has been mention from multiple fellow KB enthusiasts of a certain book entitled Born To Run. In it, there is documentation of people who run barefoot. I've known for a while now that these shoes with the crazy air pockets and cushions and such are NOT good for you. Running, walking, skipping whathaveyou. Don't forget frolicking. The Vibram 5 fingers or whatever they are are on the right track. Check out Olympic runners' shoes. They are flat as heck. What's this tell you? That our bodies were made to be able to run without implements. The closes you can get to natural movement, the better.

SO! That being said, when I ran barefoot on West Chester University's track a wee bit back, it was a good thing! Good thing it felt good too. That actually got me liking running some. The shoes I ran in thereafter are rather flat soled Pumas. You all know those peeps don't put too much razzle dazzle in the pads of their shoes. Go me!

Yeah, it was Gray Cook last night in the Kettlebell Secrets interview that was mentioned the book. And just last week Big Willy got his hands on a copy. Perhaps it may be worth taking a gander. And perhaps it may be worth running barefoot more often! Like Gray was saying, we are getting to be more like Tarzan. He rules. He didn't wear shoes! He didn't even wear clothes! Almost. I would be fine with him swinging naked through the trees...

So, I'm still training. This is a good thing. Although, as I mentioned before, I'm slacking on VO2. I haven't abandoned it completely but......
I've been dabbling in double 16kg work this week. Reminds me of way back when, when I jerked 2 16s 90 times at my first KB meet. 2005 'twas. Ah yes. Right now my forearms are feelin' it. Taught both classes last night. Did a bunch of bottoms up cleans and a few BU presses. (it was sweet to hear Gray talkin' up bottoms up C&Ps in his interview after my class) Ended the second class with last (wo)man standing swings. Diana rocked out 200 no prob. Taylor beat her record of 100 straight by adding 65 more and I came in with a cool 150 with a 24kg. Just finished up my workout for today. Double your pleasure, double your fun.....came home and did 3 body weight pistols on each side. Can't lose my pistol again. I'll be the opposite of OK with that.

Now I'm enjoying the fruits of labor that my blender has been providing me. Indeed, it was missing for a wee bit. But alas, the contraption has granted me quite marvelous post workout smoothies consisting of a mixture of any of the following fresh organic candies of nature: pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and/or bananas. Couple that with some crushed ice, H2O, flax oil, psyllium and a couple scoops of muscle milk and YUUUUUUUUUM. Seriously good. Oh, the one day I did vanilla MM with peanut butter, a banana and some choco shavings. HOLY BALLS!

Looking forward to this Sunday. Going to Doc Cheng's workshop in his previous home state of Delaware. Should be a good time.

Hey, if anyone has a record player they don't use, would you pass it along to me??? I acquired a smashing stack of old dusty, super-sweet vinyl. I NEED a record player. BADLY. One of the records is electronic music from the 60s!!! Can you believe that crap? Who knew people were doing such things then. The time of peace and flowers and psychedelics. Oh, wait....

I'd rather be called the Acquirer than the Accumulator. Accumulator sounds cooler but it has this connotation of a bunch of crap. I've been acquiring many useful things. Mostly all from clients of various jobs. Reclining chair, tv, dvd/vcr player, kitchen items, coffee maker, cool square lamps, a sweet spiral ring, a wind chime, music, IKEA table, tv stand, office chair. The list goes on. Thanks everyone!

I know I said expect pictures...I've been busy/lazy. Here's one from when Dave Whitley was in town. My two favorite Big W's. Enjoy. Ahhhahahahahahaahahaaaaa.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well well well.

Fancy seeing you here. My internet connection that is. I am now located in MY living room. Just happens to be in MY apartment. Good stuff.

Man, how long has it been? A while indeed. Let's review. I'm not going all the way back. Just a few days. Some highlights:

Sunday June 7th: Bikram Yoga, PHISH live at Camden.
Monday June 8th: 40 sets VO2 12kg. Been slacking on VO2 BIG time.
Tuesday June 9th: Taught 2 KB classes. New students every class for almost the last 4 weeks!!!
Wednesday June 10th: Trained my prodigy Taylor. She says I'm very influential. Maybe I should be more mindful;) Just kidding. Sort of.
Thursday June 11th: Gave an awesome healing session to one very Earthy Earth Child at the spa. Sometimes I forget that I'm a healer. It's nice to be reminded.
Friday June 12th: Sat around all day waiting for Verizon to come to my house and hook up my internet that should have been working on the 2nd. Never came. Cleaned instead.
Saturday June 13th: Received a letter from the IRS. Apparently I didn't file my taxes in 2007. Ooops. Good thing I still have my w2s. Stupid government.
Sunday June 14th: Early Dad's day celebration. Bike ride and burger in Jim Thorpe, Pa. Cool spot. You should go. Practiced my bass for the first time in a couple months. Felt good.
Monday June 15th: 10, I say TEN massages at Paoli Chiropractic. Perhaps I'm doing a good job? They weren't all hour sessions btw.

Some other random things: Watched Tupac: Resurrection. Reading Autobiography of a Yogi. Bought Siddhartha. Made dinner from a Rachel Ray recipe. Plan to spray paint my bells purple. Kissed someone!!! Smoked a cigarette!!! Which of those last two am I lying about? Or am I lying about both? Or am I lying about neither?

Seriously though,
Please take the time and make an effort for the following:

Don't worry, I'll remind you:)