Friday, October 2, 2009

Where in the world is Jennifer Morey?

Sung to the tune of Carmen San Diego of course.

As per anonymous' request and the fact that I kind of forgot I had a blog, I'm blogging. While I have the chance that is. I'm about to camp for a stint. Detach from the grind a bit... Ah yes. I can see it now. No phones, no Internet, no showers. Ok that last part is not the best, but you get used to it when you "get back to nature".

I'm currently in California about to make my way into the forest. I drove basically from one coast the the next with my two pals Kari and Adam over the last 4 days. Along the way I whipped out my bells and rocked out some swings, presses, snatches and windmills in various states. I'll be on it out in the woods. Oh yes.

Thanks to Big W, my goals include ROP pressing ladders, snatching, pistols, get-ups and some rolling patterns in there. You can bet I'll be Brettzling indeed! I just did a few a couple minutes ago actually. Sitting in a car for 4 days will make you want to Brettzle, for sure.

Here is something really depressing I must share. There is a chance I may not be in attendance at the Philly RKC. I had this Cali trip planned before this cert was announced. Now I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it back for the epic weekend. It's basically a sin that I may not be representing with the 6 or 7 other Dragon Gym-ers who are going to this event. It is literally next door to the birthplace of my kettlebell life. I first touched a bell in Downingtown, PA. Just happens to be about 5 minutes from the site of the first ever East coast cert. They are close, check on a map if you are curious. Horrible if I miss. But you can't always get what you want. I don't always get my cake and eat it too. But I sure try. There is still a chance I can make it, but I won't know till last minute. Come on Universe! Hook me up! You can doooooooo it!

Regardless of whether I am physically present or not, I'll be there. Good luck everyone, especially Diana. You are going to ROCK it. No doubt.

So, I know I never posted about my time in the UK. (I don't think) Sorry. Prob not going to here either.

I will say that I love to travel and I'm going to keep doing it. Looks like Europe in the new year. What do you think? No husband, kids or house. Sounds like a good time to travel eh? Yes.

PS. I am giving my furry orange tabby cat Pickle up for adoption. I am neglecting her with all this travel and she deserves better. Please take My Little Pickle.


  1. please post pics of pet pussy pickles posthaste


    I wonder if they were really asking for your cat "PICKLE" pictures?? *sigh*

    I'm not sure if Jennifer Morey really fits into the song for Carmen Sandiego (and her last name was one word!!) hehe

  3. possibly pondering a puppy; presently perusing photos

  4. I miss you blogging. Your kettlebell classes aren't the same without you!