Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spiraling up!

Class frickin' rocked tonight! Me and the ladies (the ladies and I) all succeeded in pressing  a bell we previously could not. I pressed the 24kg! (I then proceeded to frolic, weeeee) Susan pressed the 20kg! Gretchen and Diana pressed the 16kg! And my moms pressed the 12kg no problem! It just feels so darn good to do stuff like that! Christmas! That's my exclamation that is not part of the long list of profanities I am known to divulge. For instance, after we all rocked it tonight in class, I mentioned the mental aspect of what we do with those bell thingies. I don't want to hear "I can't" or whathaveyou. In a nutshell my verbiage was as follows: "F****ing bulls**t". I was speaking in terms of using the previous negative statements. Don't let numbers stop you from doing something. Don't let your inner critic stop you from doing something. Slap that biotch in the face and cover up the numbers. It's you and the bell. It's your body and some weight. It's not a big deal! And we all proved it, yet once again. It's awesome to get people moving correctly. It's even better to help them prove themselves wrong. You all rock! 


I was chatting for a while with Diana tonight. Thanks again lady. You rule;) We both can attest to huge life changes because of bells. She lost a bunch of weight. I didn't or don't remember ever knowing her with the extra pounds. I'm pretty sure I was in Colorado when she embarked on the cast iron path. But today she is one fine momma! What 60 pounds? Inspiration to us all. She's still rockin' it. We have some pull-up goals we are workin' on. Now if we could just actually remember to DO them after class....But yeah, kettlebells changed my life too. And now, I'm seeing more and more people around me doing the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I've seen what kettlebells can do. I've been seeing it for years. But it's different when you see people multiple times a weeks for months change before your eyes. Fabulous. Just fabulous. 

So I just ordered like 9 bells to be delivered to my house! Someone is going to want to shoot me! Couple 12s, couple 16s, couple 20s. Some for me, my moms, her bff Nancy, Susan and Taylor, and Kari. BAM! I wanted to order a 24 for myself as well, but I'm thinking I may need to focus on a budget? Dangit! There's that word again. Doesn't seem to come to fruition. Although, I'm still saving my receipts. Yippee!

Here's another exciting kettlebell related topic. My big brother in kbs, Dave Whitley is coming to the Philly area next week. He was at my first meet, at my cert, was my team leader the first time he was a practicing Senior instructor when I was a first time assistant. He bent presses humans. I have multiple pictures. Actually, he may have pressed me.... Hmmmm. Not sure. Many a times socializing with kettlebell folk, we consume beers. That's plural. Plan on repeating that same thing next week. 

I hear there may be another art museum workout in the cards for next Thursday. For those of you who take my class, would you be interested on going to the city? Time is 7pm I believe. I would love for you to meet my two favorite Big Ws.     


  1. The mental aspect is definitely the hardest for me! I have to stop doubting myself and realize that it is just a little ball.... :) You made me realize that!

  2. And you my dear are a perfect example of what happens when you don't doubt! You are a rockstar!