Thursday, February 19, 2009

My days are off

Anyone else feel like today is not Thursday? The last few days this week I've been confused as to which day it is. Weird.

Hmmm. What tales to tell today? Yesterday I gave some massages at Paoli Chiro. One woman was so into her session. She ate up everything I was talking about. Currently she's training to be a yoga instructor. Awesome. We can relate indeed. Body, mind, spirit. Yes. When clients are as excited about what's going on in their body as I am I end up leaving the session feeling like it was me on the table. I float out of the room sometimes. It rules. Everyone needs bodywork. It's not a luxury. Sometimes it can be, of course. But one should not think of a massage as a pampering event. Why wouldn't you want to improve your posture? decrease pain? become relaxed? etc etc. There is really nothing that goes on in your body that is not positively affected by soft tissue manipulation. Do you have insurance? More and more these days are covering massage. GO GET SOME!

After work at Paoli I made a house call. Then headed to The Dragon Gym. My good friend Kari met me there and we did some stuff. I rocked out another 44 sets 15:15. She did 30 sets. This is a girl who has not used Kettlebells for very long at all. She said she felt like a warrior! Hell yes!

After my and Kari's workout I trained the mother/daughter duo Susan and Taylor. They do not cease to amaze me as well as themselves. Many times we let numbers dictate what we think we can do. These two femmes are easily rockin the 16kg. And Taylor is like 12!!! She is frickin strong. Keep it up ladies!!! You rule!

It feels damn good to help people feel good. Now if I could just get someone to give me a massage...


  1. So I was texting Jamie today and saying I was gonna see if you were free Friday night to hang for a bit. I didn't know how to distinguish you from "roommate Jen" so I called you "BA Jen" and he wrote back "hahahahahahahahaha YES! Badass Jen!" So there ya go - you are a badass!

  2. I'm glad someone else thinks so!!! Thanks you two!