Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday started mucky but ended money

Tis Monday all. The day started slow. I wasn't feelin' it for a while. My 9-1 shift at the chiro's office was pretty feeble. I had one session. That has it's ups and downs. Down, I didn't make any loot. Up, I wasn't feelin' it so.....I got some more shizzle together to make a budget. Serious this time folks. I'm about to embark on living solo for the first time in my existence. Assuming this is the only lifetime I have existed of course. Through the grapevine of a rather weirdly connected connection of acquaintances I have been brought to the attention of a place of residence in Malvern. It just so happens that Malvern is where I would prefer to reside. It being approximately half the distance between 2 of my 3 jobs along route 30. The 3rd would be about 3 minutes from there. Indeed...

I must mention this evening I have scored the final ticket to each of the three seemingly impossible to attain tickets to Phish's reunion run in Hampton, VA. I do believe I manifested this. I did not pay a cent over face value either. I also manifested that. Heh. Do you believe manifestation is possible? Well I certainly do dangit! I mean really, this is probably one of the most epic reunions of my lifetime! And I being the Hippie Badass that I am, I will be attending each of these shows solo at this point. That's no problem by me, but I really thought I was to have a partner in crime. Word is not always bond apparently.

So. Let's talk about physical activities that are noteworthy.

Friday I had a great KB session. Thought I was going to do a few hundred snatches in the VO2 stylee but instead proceeded to do a bunch of Swedish Get Downs. Oops, Turkish get ups. There was some other stuff in there too. I like mixin' it up. I like new. I like fresh. Keeps things interesting. Went to the chiro's where I then found out about the spot in Malvern and did a drive by. I think I'll be checkin' it out this week. Maybe. Anyhoo, massages and then happy hour at the Fox and Hound in King of Prussia. Met up with some gals from high school. Interesting. Fun. 2 Guinness and I was out.

Saturday I worked the spa. 4 Massages. One being my second repeat there! This woman is so on the boat for Kettlebells too. It's great. After, I enjoyed another KB session outdoors at sunset. Multiple pooches runnin' around made it even better. There was a fourth dog there, but he's a different species. Son of a. I crack myself up. If you can't laugh at yourself then what the f**k? Shuffle board (I won both times), two beers and then home to feast. I'm quite proud of myself and my culinary delights lately. This here gal has not been seen cookin' too much in the past. The times they are a changin' indeed! Started with a salad, bowl of butternut squash soup, carrots and roasted red pepper hummus. Trader Joe's really helps things out. I got the Thai Yellow Curry sauce for the first time, cubed up some chix, and a boat load (and I mean boat load) of veggies. My only dilemma was deciding between lentils, quinoa or couscous. I went with the lentils. Bangin'!!!!!

Let me just mention something about alcohol and the Warrior Diet. Ok, I'm sure it's not just the WD, but any time that you are eating clean. I'm telling you what. Two beers Friday night, and the two brews on Saturday left me feelin' mighty fine. Oh yes. So not only do you end up saving money on food with the WD, but you don't need to booze as much to get a buzz on either! Granted I don't partake on a regular basis, but whatever. I have been known to put a couple back here and there.

Sunday I rose from slumber to travel to my newlywed homies' new house in Downingtown. Put some scrubby threads on and headed over to do some painting. I cannot wait for the first throw down. The place rules. I then returned Easterly and attended the 3:30 Bikram class. This was by far the most packed class I have been to yet. I was looking at a sliver of myself in the mirror. Regardless, I had one of my best classes yet! I was apprehensive because I knew it was going to be a larger number of students, but it just goes to show you. You never know.

Monday. Today! As mentioned before, started mucky. Ended money. On my break I had another successful VO2 session. Back at the office, made a bunch of phone calls, and gave some bodywork. The last was an add on. I was hoping it wasn't going to happen. I was feeling hungry. My warrior instincts told me it was time to be done working for the day. Well, this warrior is taking off the next two weekends. So, what's another half hour session? Cake. And! It was one of those that just made me darn happy. I felt great helping this client. I got adjusted and then....MONEY. That's not it! When I came home I celebrated the knowledge of getting the last of 3 nights of Phish. That's really money. And my feast. You guessed right. MONEY MONEY and MONEY. Tonight it was a salad with goat cheese and red peppers and balsamic vin, fish, veggies a sac of couscous to my head. I finished it off with one of the guacamole kits from Trader Joes. That's right, guac for dessert. Yum.

One other little tidbit of marvelousness: I believe this to be my most favorite Yogi Tea quotes to date-"Wisdom character and consciousness conquer all" BAM! That's what I'm talkin' bout! Ginger tea anyone? Here you are...sip. Ahhhhhhhhh

Ok. I'm gonna do some other stuff. Meditate is one. Sleep is another. Kettlebells tomorrow. What's on my plate? Who knows? I don't. I just do what my wise Senior tells me to do.

Seeking sweet slumber for my super silly soul.

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