Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I love music like I love cheese

Ever see the saying: "Music is my religion"? Well, this may be the case for me. I've seen hundreds of live shows. I've been to multiple festivals big and small. I'm now battling with whether or not to buy Ray LaMontagne tix to the Tower Theater show in April. The thing is I have bills. I'm trying to be more responsible dangit. But he is AWESOME. Such a soulful voice. I've seen him twice before solo style. You know someone is a fan when they go to a show by him/herself. Actually I've done this many a time. You might say I am comfortable hanging out with me, myself and I. So do I be irresponsible to replicate the feeling of my soul expanding by listening to Ray's voice live? Still not sure.

On the upside I will be seeing some sweet live music this Thursday. The Black Keys are playing at the Electric Factory. Mmm hmmm. I got tix in honor of celebrating the entrance into a third decade of life on this planet (W2's). Bonus for me I get to see some tunes too! This will be my first show back on the east coast. I'm gosh darn excited!

The angel on my shoulder is telling me I'll get more chances to see Ray. The devil says take every chance you can get. LIVE! He also says I should reward myself for doing 500 snatches last night. Grrrr. I'm going to go move some bells right now and contemplate this minute dilemma.

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  1. So what did you decide? I wanted to buy tickets this morning to see Chelsea Handler at the Tower in March, but decided against it. She's really funny, and I'd LOVE to see her ... but I need to use the money for other things right now.