Friday, February 6, 2009

Feelin' It Friday

Although it's technically not Friday anymore, today was harsh. The aftermath of last night was not something I would like to repeat. Don't get me wrong, last night was awesome. The Black Keys at the Electric Factory ROCKED. It was the fact that at about 3 in the afternoon I felt a little twinge in the back of my throat. I know what that is, but haven't felt it in a long time. The beginnings of a sore throat indeed. Well, this was not going to hinder my plans for music. So, I continue on. Didn't really eat too much all day(gonna make an attempt at the Warrior Diet, details to come) and commenced drinking of alcoholic beverages. Needless to say the throat issue did not completely disappear, although it was filtered out of my senses momentarily. After the show I made a confession which felt great to get out but did not provide any other positive results other than a weight lifted from my shoulders.

So let's see-drinking, purging(verbally), not enough water, sore throat. You can imagine what I felt like when I woke up this morning. Head pounding, throat swollen, dry as the desert and a deflated ego. All of those things do not make for a welcoming morning. My British buddy Chuzzy RKC sent me a Churchill quote: When going through hell, keep going. I wouldn't consider today hell, but it did not feel nice.

Should have trained today. I took the day to recuperate. And that is exactly what I did. I feel a million times better. Water, vitamin C, coffee, music, bodywork and I'm good as new. Had an awesome meal this evening and now I'm off to slumber before another day of massage.

I didn't get Ray tickets, yet. Must pay rent and school loan and phone and Bikram and and and....


  1. WOOHOO for releasing the burden weight on the shoulders! Go Jen :) I think this is a great thing.