Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today is Tuesday

Let me start out by clearing something up. This blog is like an online journal for me. It's not just about posting what my workouts are, like many of my fellow bloggers. I may rant a little. I may post some personal things. Ahem. So, it's whatevs. Tales of a badass hippie include a plethora of facets of my existence. Read on if you like! If not, it's all good. I'll never know anyway.

So. I'm currently asking myself, "Self, how are things?" And I reply: "I'm doin' good!"Or well I should say. (I heard once that if you talk to yourself it's no big deal. It's when you start having a conversation with yourself that it's a sign of mental illness) I make an attempt every now and then to be grammatically correct. Might not always be politically correct or ethically correct, so why not start with grammar? Although, I'm sure that paragraph has multiple errors.

Saturday: St. Valentine's Day. Do you know what the deal is with that holiday? Do some research even if you think you know. Anyhoo. I gave 5 hour long massages. Actually one was 75 minutes long. I made it. Long day for sure, but I made it. 5 is the limit. Afterwards I attended an Anti-Valentines Day party. Wasn't really much of a theme goin' on there. More like a normal get together, eat drink, be merry. There was some Rock Band thrown in there too. I sang Disturbed, Modest Mouse and?? Not sure. Fun indeed. Another entertaining aspect of the gathering were some dudes that were there. These guys work out at Iron Sport I believe. We chatted a little about Kettlebells. I believe the conversation started out with 5 guys standing in front of me with one asking his buddies about "the Kettlebell rule". Apparently Kettlebells are for people who can't lift! Aahahahhahahaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. That was a good one. I'm sure it was in jest, partly. But not fully. Well, I voiced my side. I also challenged. No one took the bait. Figures. Tee hee. Did I scare anyone? Well if I did, this time I liked it. Heh. The night was really great overall except for the pizza, cookies and cake I ate. I have been eating so clean lately that those items didn't really jive with my system. Wasn't a disaster, but let's just say my detox system is working just fine these days. Warrior Diet! Boo yeah!

Sunday: I gave a massage. Drank some coffee and went to Ikea. I've been living with my bro and his girl since I returned a few months ago. I purged most of my belongings after leaving the Rocky Mountain State. So, my clothes have been in piles around the perimeter of my room. Does not lend to feeling nice about walking in to my sanctuary. I made some quick cash from the bodywork and decided to make a detour on the Blue Route a couple exits past mine. Ikea RULES. I have not been to one in years. I purchased two dressers for $100! And bamb! It's like a new room. I love building stuff. I also enjoy organizing...somewhat.

Monday: Massage at Paoli Chiro. On my break I head to the Dragon Gym to do my VO2. Door's locked. Grrrr. I go to Circuit City instead. They're going out of business. I got some music. Music, sweet music. Back to work. Booked solid evening. Went back to the gym and grabbed a couple bells by their horns and took them back to the Wayne-stead. It took a little for me to motivate myself through this workout. 8pm. Done work for the day. Hungry. I pushed out 44 sets anyway. Boo yeah.

Today: Bikram at 5:30am. Awesome. Return home, meditate. Nap. Head to Valley Forge to teach some bells. Shop at Trader Joes. Then off to my class at the Dragon Gym. My mom has been taking my class! She is(was) basically sedentary. Well, today she's using the 12kg like a pro. Good job Mom. Soon, you will be a badass like your offspring. Heh.

Ok, it's that time. I should sleep. I'm adding to my Kettlebell education tomorrow morning at 7am. Then more massaging. Paoli, then a house call. Then, I'm going to pick up some Phish tickets. Oh yes.

Please enjoy what you can this evening, morning, noon and night. Thank the universe or whatever you want for all the shizzle you have. It's a good thing to do.


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