Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I feel like the weather

Dreary. Drizzle fo shizzle. Don't mind rain, especially after being in Colorado where it rains for a total of about 5 minutes at a time. Just feeling melancholy. I'm looking for an apartment and the word lost comes to mind. I am in limbo. Don't know where I'm going. Need to find a place by June. Not sure what I should agree to pay. Not sure how far away I should agree to live (from my jobs). I can be impulsive. Apartment hunting and impulsive behavior should not go hand in hand. There are potentials. I've seen 3 in person. I just don't know what exactly I'm looking for. If I did then I would have something to base my decisions off. We shall see. I'm not in jeopardy of being thrown on the streets or anything.

I'm going to work out some of my frustration during my VO2 workout today.

I'm to do 66 sets today. Woo! Kind of. It's easier to accomplish when there's other stuff going on. Such as people to distract me from looking at how many more sets I have left. It also helps to focus on one set at a time. Or another way to think about it as Will Williams SR RKC has said: it's not 528 snatches. It's 1 snatch 528 times. That's how many I'm doing today. Then I'm teachin' my class. I think I'm gonna go do that now. Leave it to kettlebells to make you feel better. At least for me.

Rock on.

Soon to be living the bachelorette life...


  1. Wendy Dad = property manager, broker, realtor. Call him. Tell him you're my friend and that you need some guidance. He will either put you in contact with someone with a place, or tell you what price you should be looking at ... I'm telling you - he's like the real estate GURU! LOL

  2. That's right! Well hand over his info!!! :)

  3. I gave you his card*, silly :) John K, Times Real Estate - 610.873.8730 *Don't you remember the magnet card off the fridge?*