Friday, July 10, 2009

Snatchtastic Thursday

That's right. Snatchtastic! Success on the Dragon Gym mat/floors indeed. Everyone in class was snatching like pros by the end of class. There was some struggle as there always is, but we all did it. Some, leaps and bounds more than others. Mom Morey for example snatched a 12kg the entire class! Diana rocked a 16kg for the first time!

We started with deadlifts, moved to swings, then cleans, pressed a few times, and finally. THE SNATCH. DL for patterning, swings for hard style lock out, (how many times did I say the words knees and butt?) the clean for the distance of the bell in front of the body as well as the elbow leading the snatch negative, the press for the lock out and BAM! Great job everyone.

After class I revisited the platform. I've neglected to DL with a barbell for a few days now. I pulled 225 easy. Then thought, what the hell? Why not throw on a couple 25s? It happened alright. First time ever I pulled 275!!! With no warm-up but one pull of 225. Prob not the best idea, but too late now.

I'm gonna do the TSC indeed. Gots to get my pull-ups on. I started tackling them today. W2's got a TAPS bar. I couldn't do one appropriately on my own. Stay tuned. That will change no doubt:)

See you all at the KB Benefit for the Marines tomorrow! Come by, it'll be fun.


  1. I can't believe I missed a good class. :( I love snatches.

  2. No worries grass hopper. I would have liked to be in your shoes in the Bahamas though...

  3. I would have rather been in your class than robbed LOL