Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Universe is Awesome

I've been battling with myself a little lately. My adventurous side wants to go adventure some more. My responsible side says get yo shit together and then do some adventuring. Well, after Bikram today, which was ass kicking, I was giving myself a brief pep talk. Reiterating some goals I had set for myself by moving back to the East Coast. As I did this, the Sun broke through the clouds and shined directly on me for about 3 seconds and then went back in. Now, I'm not sure where you are located, but the sun has not been visible for some time now. It's a cloudy, rainy and drab day. I do believe that I received a little sign from the universe confirming that my pep talk was correct. I need to continue on that path. Do you believe things like that happen? And if so, has anything like that ever happened to you? (that you noticed) Something to ponder eh?


  1. I absolutely believe that things happen like that - and it's just giving you a tip of the hat that you're on the right path. Even in silly ways, I think perfect strangers can inadvertently give you that push. Happens all time!

  2. So I came to see if you posted again - cause I never sleep and all - and I am so tired that I could SWEAR the spirals are rotating LOL Look at them long enough ... :oP