Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simmer down, s**t happens!

So the dumbass in me posted my new blog with an error in the name! Couldn't find my own freaking blog. Great if you want to share, or perhaps oh I don't know, maybe publish another post? Yeah, good job.

It's all good. To err is human, to forgive divine. Alexander Pope is who we have to thank for that one. Well, I've forgiven myself. Do people forgive themselves? If you don't, you should. Forgiveness is not like saying "it's ok that I/you/he/she/it/we/they did whathaveyou" It is really letting go of whatever negative thoughts etc you are holding onto because of the said action. Otherwise you hold onto some poo and it eats away at you. Practice letting go, cutting the cord, moving on...

For instance, I haven't seriously trained in the last 5ish days. (I'm not counting attempts to clean the Beast***, swinging the Beast and windmills with a 24 at 4am) That's the longest by far I have not morphed with a bell or two since I returned to Pennsylvania: Nov 21st! Well, I am trying to forgive myself. While I lived in Colorado I barely worked out. It was horrible. Considering previous to that my lifestyle had me in the gym at least 4 days a week. I wasn't going overboard spending hours upon hours there or anything. But still. Talk about falling off the wagon. I've forgiven myself for my lack of activity. I think.

So everything in cycles. Yes. I know. This just happened to be a cycle where training didn't happen. Get over it. I have three jobs now. That kind of has something to do with it. Ha! It's still a normal workweek in terms of hours. Don't worry. I'm a workaholic by nature. Besides, in less than two hours I'll be bent pressing, deadlifting, and taking another run down the VO2 protocol road. I dig it. Outdoors is even better. Indoors makes my head feel like a tomato about to explode by the time I'm done the last set.

Afterwards I'm giving some bodywork and then teaching my intro/beginner KB class. My mom is showing up for her third class! Rock on Mom!

***Correction: What I thought was a Beast at the time. It was a 40kg. Beers and shots can sometimes cloud your senses...D'OH!


  1. Cool blog, Jen! Hope all is well.

  2. Thanks Joe! All is well as a matter of fact.