Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's talk about today

Today was a good day. I woke up naturally to find it to be an hour before the Bikram class I wanted to partake. Perfect time to wake up a little and embark. I tell ya though, there were some mornings I awoke at 5am and dressed myself and rolled on over for the 5:30am class. That's another thing entirely.
So, Bikram has been very interesting. There is a new teacher. Her name is Sarah. She just moved back to the area from Boulder, CO! Sound familiar? Right. Well, she's great. The only slightly negative thing is her lack of time management. This was only an issue one day for me because I had somewhere to go after class. Otherwise, I don't mind she goes over.
Anyhoo, she made a really great point today. The first few classes she mentioned how she thought to herself, "this is easy!" The next thing she said was "I realized I wasn't doing anything" This is rather true. The first two classes I remember thinking the same thing. I made it through alright. I chalked it up to being athletic. But in reality I was not aware of how off I was through some of the postures.
So now that I know what I am supposed to do it's a whole new ball game. The combination of knowing what you should be aiming for and knowing what you did last class puts this other layer into the practice. It's difficult to go backwards in some postures from class to class. Mentally difficult that is. I am very competitive. Especially with myself. It's been a journey and a half accepting things in class. Accepting things off the mat as well. It's great when the activities that I invest my time in transfer to everyday life. I mean in a beneficial way. Turns out, almost everything I do has some positive carry over. What a fabulous thing to realize!
Yoga. Do it. It's good.
One thing that rules. I can actually do the locust pose (salabhasana) now. Crazy how much it hurt me elbows the first dozen or so classes. "lock your knees, lock your knees, lock your knees and change"

The rest of my day included a fabulous shower, some pampering, music downloading, a walk to check out an apartment I'm looking at tomorrow, some guy pulling over and telling me I'm adorable (uber flattering), cup of coffee, paid some bills, succulent dinner, bike ride, rediscovering the best tortilla chips ever at Whole Foods and voila. Bloggity blog blog.

Been keeping up with my VO2. Especially after reading Kenneth Jay's Viking Warrior Conditioning. Funny how the idea that reading about things makes you have more appreciation for them. Riiiiiiiiiight. (thanks for taking pics of me Susan)

Speaking of which, I need to get Bikram's book. I can't buy anything else right now though. I paid for a plane ticket to CO, Doc Cheng's workshop, and bills. I might be getting an apartment tomorrow! Ever hear of that thing called a security deposit? Yeah, me too. NO MORE SPENDING. Although, nothing has been frivolous. Except maybe the CDs I purchased yesterday. But music is my religion! And it was national independent record store day. Support what you believe right? Yes.
4/20 tomorrow. Remember Columbine. And then celebrate your existance with some of Earth's finest. I will be. As well as celebrating the joy of music. Reggae you say? John Brown's Body? The Note in West Chester, Bam's place is where I'll be tomorrow evening. Indeed.


  1. I wanna go with you tomorrow night! I have always wanted to go to the Note ... let me know if you need some company? PS - you are starting to sound like Yoda :) "Mentally difficult that is." LOL

  2. You are the second person that said I sound like Yoda! That's awesome!