Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm a badass gyspy lately

(Thanks to Taylor for motivating me to blog again. I've been a slacker in many areas lately.)

So more like just a gypsy. I traveled to Colorado with no plans on where I was going to lay my head for 6 nights. It worked out fabulously. What was not fabulous was that I got no physical activity in other than hiking around Red Rocks amphitheater. I was ready to go to yoga, do some rock climbing and maybe visit my old gym. Nope! None of the above. Sucked. Now I've been home since Tuesday and I've trained twice. Ridiculous. Weds I'm leaving for England!!! But again, not conducive to training. Everything in cycles...everything in cycles...

So check this out: MTB trans UK. That's the site of the mountain biking event I'll be massaging at. My old roommate/classmate Humphrey from BCMT has a side business (MTB Works) with another chap and invited me over to help! What massage therapist wouldn't want to massage mountain bikers in the hills of Wales for a week?

Oh, just in the slightest case that you do not already know....THE RKC IS COMING HERE!!! You better grab your bells by the horns or else!!!

That's all for now folks. I must get some sleep. I have a busy life coming up.


  1. Do they make you check the kettlebells or can you take them carry on? I would try to take them carry on if possible so they don't get damaged. But if you have to check them, put a decal on them so somebody else doesn't confuse your bells with theirs.

  2. You are much more of a badass gypsy now - blog!