Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

I'm thirsty for some more. More what you ask? Everything. Including the nothings. You get me? Less is more. And more is more too. Sometimes. Right now I need more training, more yoga, more time. I also need less sugar, less cloudy skies and less negativity. I'm doin' alright on these fronts. Just need to get it down sometimes to keep rockin'.

Today: Joint mobility
Random hanging

Craft night


Monday, June 14, 2010

Guess what!

I cook sometimes. It works out, mostly. But last night it surely did. I made fried eggplant. Did my own breadcrumbs from scratch!!! Used some herbs from the garden out back. Killer! I also did up this veggie concoction. Sauteed some sweet pots, red cabbage and then threw in some spinach and baby bellas. Yum! Today open faced eggplant sandies with some superb Trader Joe's tomato bisque. So, I'm gonna train now and I'm already excited about eating the leftover veggies as well as.....lentils? couscous? rice? We shall see. Maybe a SECOND smoothie too? The one earlier didn't have any PRO. It did include blackberries, strawberries, banana and aloe vera juice. AWESOME!!!

Today's training agenda: rolling, get-ups, pistols!, swings. Sound good? Yeah. I think so too.
I'll be throwing some planks and yoga stylees in there as well. Word.

Catchyaontheflip. BTW in case you didn't know, Phish is touring again. Go see them. They will give you an experience of a lifetime. I'm not joking!

Peace and bacon grease.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The sun in shining

I'm doing some bells out on the deck. First did a few ipsilateral rolls on both sides. Next, ROP pressing with a 16kg. Couple 1 leg DLs. Grabbed the bell by the horn and did some goblets. Let's see, what else? I'm not sure that was the actual order of everything, I just want to get it down. You down? Good. So yeah, there were a couple sets of some single TGUs in there too.

REMINDER: It is extremely important that you choose your venue wisely when rockin' it with bells. If you forgot, well that sucks. But I just reminded you! Ok. Some things like turkish get-ups require even more wisdom. I just reminded myself of that one! I did take the sun into account-not shining in my eyes and whatnot, but really. What's #1? SAFETY. If you have a choice of utmost safety minus the glorious sun shining on you, or lapping in the luxury of getting tan while training in exchange for sub-par performance you best go with the former! My nickname out here is SECURITY, sometimes Securitas;). Interesting.

K. Protein smoothie coming soon. You should look into getting one yourself. It's like a pint of heaven with some superhero ingredients. I recommend chocolate peanut butter banana

Friday, June 11, 2010


I may make an attempt at blogging again (consistently). Well, I am making an attempt. Right at this moment! Not too many details for ya. Here's what I conjured up for this marvelous day on the North Coast:
  • clean house
  • new sheets
  • strawberry banana smoothie made by moi
  • edamame humus (Oh Trader Joe, how I wish you were closer)
  • peas from the garden
  • bike ride at sunset
  • bells in the living room
  • Veggie galore in yellow curry
Tomorrow I see a hike, some yoga, more bells, more eating. AWESOMENESS. Perhaps a little farmers' market? Indeed.

At some point tomorrow stop, breath and make your spine as tall as possible. Let me know what happens.

Rock on wit cho bad selves now ya hear?