Monday, March 23, 2009


How's it goin? That's good. Me? Oh, I'm just peachy. It's Tuesday 12:01am. I get to sleep in today. Woooo!!! There is a chance I may receive an early morn text alerting me to a scheduled training session. We shall see....

You missed a good weekend. I was there. Friday I met up with my coach, Randy. We chatted it up over yonder in The Cheddar (West Chester for those of you unfamiliar).

Saturday I got to chill with my Pops for a brief moment after workin' the spa action. Then I headed on over to some park I forget the name of an went for a little voluntary run again!?!?!? I'm not sure what's been coming over me. I've been choosing to run on my own accord? Maybe its the new kicks I got. They seemed to have helped my snatches as well. After the run, which was about a mile, I proceeded to spend the largest amount EVER at Trader Joe's. It must have been all the cheese... Mmmmmmm cheese. So I headed back to the Cheddar that eve for a merry old time. Slumber ensued at my home slices' crib over in D-town.

Sunday brought a rendezvous with Kari. We made our way down to the art museum steps and rocked it like Rocky. No bells between flights this time. Lucky for Kari! After was a little stroll through the Whole Foods, that I didn't know existed in Center City. Then cruised over to the Italian Market and finally made a stop on South St. I had to get me some yarrow sticks. I am about to embark on the traditional style I Ching reading after this post. After Philly it was back to Wayne. The day was not over! I accomplished my first in theater repeat of a film: The Watchmen. Ruled. That's that. Oh, I left out the rolling (bowling) and game of pool prior. Good times. Indeed.

There's a snipit of my activities of the last few days. Today I worked at the chiro's office. On my break I rocked a swing/c&p ladder with a 16, 20 and 24. 6 sets of 20, 15 and 10 swings. Two hand, single then double all twice. Then 2 sets of 5, 4 and 3 c&p all doubles. Had to push press the 24kg. Can't press those babies at this point.

Had a feast, watched a little Lost season 1 disc 4ish. And here I am. Next is contemplating what to ask the universe. I Ching, I would like a little guidance. That's what that yellow pic is up there. those are the 8 trigrams. Check it out. It's some cool stuff.

Have a marvelous evening everyone. I wish you strength, happiness and humor. Maybe a good night sleep too...Catchyaontheflip


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  1. Losty lost lost. You'll be thrilled with Alias too!