Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yes, indeed.

Greetings internet universe. As vast as you are I have not been a part of you as days recent. Well, I have returned. I am alive and well. A little sore, but hey. It's all good. Considering before this morning I did not put my hands on the horns of a kettlebell in a week! That's right folks. This trumps the longest time without touching a bell since my return. I fortunately did not stress about it. My wise friend/trainer enlightened me with the knowledge of rest being a good thing. I may forget this notion every now and then. Last Tuesday was my last session. Wednesday I attended yoga and Thursday I, along with 12 of my college friends, headed to Sugarbush Vermont to celebrate an entrance into a third decade. Friday was unusually warm for Vermont: 45? Rained a little in the afternoon, but we got some good runs in. Saturday was colder indeed. And you may gather that there was ice. You gathered right. After my second incident 'falling' I decided that was it. These were not your normal falls. Wasn't just about losing balance. I bit it hard. Then on my way back in along a flat stretch I caught an edge and went tumbling, again. This was the icing on the cake. I restretched whatever I stretched in right posterior rotator cuff back in '05. Not good! But, I recover quickly. Rocked out 60 sets VO2 style today and then had class for two hours. Went well. Better than I expected. I will say I was extremely sore from boarding. Did I mention that I boarded all weekend? Ooops. Anyway, I took advantage of the resort's hot tub and steam room. Solo! Was quite meditative. So were some runs I took solo. Anyhoo, good times indeed. I did have to bail on my Thursday class last week. But, last Tuesday I taught my class and the advanced class. Took the grasshoppers through a pistol progression I was shown earlier in the day. Who do you suppose had the most success? I'll tell you. The oldest man in the class as well as the youngest girl in the class. Not sure how old this guy is, maybe 50? He rocked it. Not a full pistol but more than anyone else did in that last portion of the hour. Miss Redhead Rockstar Taylor texted me later that night showing off her full pistol success. This girl is 12!!!! When I train her and her mom Susan they rock out with 16kgs!!! Awesome. Just awesome. Susan, you said it. Kettlebells are life changing.

Going to look at a potential new dwelling tomorrow in Malvern. Wish me luck. I could possibly work out of this place too. We shall see. Maybe I'll dream about it tonight. Dreams lately have been good, and some weird. I dreamt that I was dating Dr. Suresh from Heroes. I don't believe I've ever had a dream with a famous person before. It was cool. Too bad he's married and has a child. Ha! Maybe I can have a dream with Peter from Heroes next. That's the only series I've watched. Otherwise I don't really get too much of the brain rotting box. There have been some other dreams (that I actually remember), but perhaps are not appropriate for this realm. Most have been centered around a significant other. Well, at least I have one in my dreams. Hey look at what time it is! Time to enter the dream world.

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