Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well well well

Thanks to this thing called the internet, my blog still exists despite not posting for almost 2 years. And thanks to Anonymous, I decided to take a little stroll down blogging lane. Oh the memories. Oh how much has happened since the last time I actually posted. Turns out, someone likes reading the results of my mind through words. Well alright!

Ironically the last time I posted i was cleansing. It just so happens that I have just come off of my second Master Cleanse. Interested? I probably lost the same amount of weight. Again, just like last time, I wasn't aiming for weight loss, although it was an added bonus. The benefits are numerous, but a couple worth mentioning: CLEANSING your gut as well as the psychological willpower to not eat. You might be thinking to yourself, "how is that good for you?" Well my friends (or should I say friend, apparently there is only one person in the Universe reading this blog) it is good. Trust me. Hopefully I haven't failed you in some way in the past and you are actually willing to trust me with blind faith!

What else is worth mentioning?
I live in Colorado (again)
I'm married
I just finished (almost) building a greenhouse made from recycled windows and shower doors
I built a compost bin
I bake with coconut flour
I make kale chips
I make almond milk
I make cashew butter
I have a Vitamix!
I am steeping homemade lemon, ginger, honey tea right now.
I belong to 24 Hour Fitness
I am using my kettlebells again
I don't drink caffeinated coffee
I don't drink alcohol
I would like to avoid gluten
I'm waiting to hear if our mortgage loan is approved

That is all.