Friday, June 11, 2010


I may make an attempt at blogging again (consistently). Well, I am making an attempt. Right at this moment! Not too many details for ya. Here's what I conjured up for this marvelous day on the North Coast:
  • clean house
  • new sheets
  • strawberry banana smoothie made by moi
  • edamame humus (Oh Trader Joe, how I wish you were closer)
  • peas from the garden
  • bike ride at sunset
  • bells in the living room
  • Veggie galore in yellow curry
Tomorrow I see a hike, some yoga, more bells, more eating. AWESOMENESS. Perhaps a little farmers' market? Indeed.

At some point tomorrow stop, breath and make your spine as tall as possible. Let me know what happens.

Rock on wit cho bad selves now ya hear?

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