Saturday, June 12, 2010

The sun in shining

I'm doing some bells out on the deck. First did a few ipsilateral rolls on both sides. Next, ROP pressing with a 16kg. Couple 1 leg DLs. Grabbed the bell by the horn and did some goblets. Let's see, what else? I'm not sure that was the actual order of everything, I just want to get it down. You down? Good. So yeah, there were a couple sets of some single TGUs in there too.

REMINDER: It is extremely important that you choose your venue wisely when rockin' it with bells. If you forgot, well that sucks. But I just reminded you! Ok. Some things like turkish get-ups require even more wisdom. I just reminded myself of that one! I did take the sun into account-not shining in my eyes and whatnot, but really. What's #1? SAFETY. If you have a choice of utmost safety minus the glorious sun shining on you, or lapping in the luxury of getting tan while training in exchange for sub-par performance you best go with the former! My nickname out here is SECURITY, sometimes Securitas;). Interesting.

K. Protein smoothie coming soon. You should look into getting one yourself. It's like a pint of heaven with some superhero ingredients. I recommend chocolate peanut butter banana

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