Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So yeah

I uh apparently am having a hard time blogging consistently. Oh darn. I'm pretty sure you don't care. You, as in someone reading this, might not even exist! I may be typing away for my own good. Well, that's cool.

So yeah, I don't think I let you know that I have been on a cleanse for, let's see, wow! 2 1/2 weeks! I started with the Master Cleanse for the first 9 days. That's the one where you only consume lemonade (water, lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne). Then I moved into a raw food cleanse. Lots of smoothies and pretty much eating only fruits and veggies and some nuts. Still rockin' it! I will admit, I cheated, but not very much at all. Had a couple pieces of cheese, a couple raviolis, a spoon of some curry and a spoon of chicken salad. Over 18 days that's pretty frickin' good I'd say.

So yeah, besides those few slices of cheddar, this is the longest I've ever gone without the most magical dairy item known to human kind. Cheese folks. Cheese. It actually hasn't really been a big deal not eating meat, dairy, grains or anything cooked for that matter. It sure helps when you have a raw food recipe book on hand. Tons of awesome things in there.

So yeah, I backed off the training during the initial fast. I didn't want to push my body to even farther extremes than I already was. I'm training again and I feel great. I've felt great the entire time. I've slimmed down a bit. Not sure about weight loss. I didn't weigh myself. That's not really a concern of mine. I just wanted to clean my gut. Not just that, I like the whole deal about cleansing my mind and soul as well as my body. It's all connected ya know. Look into it if ya don't.

So yeah, here's my training low down from yesterday:
Pull-ups(attempts) alternating with single 16kg C&P 5X5
Front Squats with 16kg and 12kg 5X5 switching bells every set
Snatches with 16kg 3X20 L/R alternating with hanging leg raises

So yeah, that was a part of Pavel's Force Recon workout that Jon Engum posted on the instructor forum. I can't do body weight pull-ups, let alone weighted ones like in the OG plan, so I did what I could. I really need to stick to my pull-up training dangit! If I am ever to be truly ready to take on Level II, it needs to happen.

What's it gonna be today? Here's what I'm thinking: Pressing Pistols and Get-ups. Word.


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  1. You should start blogging again. I loved reading it.